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Google caches payment card details for 19,000 Brits

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Shock horror! A major internet search engine is used to find information on the internet! Who would have thought it? Seriously, if you're using the Daily Fail as a source of information, you're doing journalism wrong.

KDE hopes to fill boots with 4.2 release



+1 to the tards comments above. It's getting to the point where it's making me consider stopping reading here, and by the sounds of it I might not be the only one.

Boffins bust web authentication with game consoles


CAs using MD5

Actually, the list of CAs still using some MD5-signed certificates is easily found in the pdf of the talk on the CCC website: RapidSSL (who issued 97% of the MD5-using certificates the team found), FreeSSL, TrustCenter, RSA Data Security, Thawte, verisign.co.jp


Tabloid girl's jubs freeze at -130°C


A matter of degrees

If you read the article (rather than just looking at the picture) it's pretty obvious that they've just replaced all the degree symbols with zeroes.

MPs declare their ignorance on the web


Paul Flynn

The issue with Paul Flynn was that his blog was publically funded, and that in making use of that funding one "must not seek to compare the member's party favourably with another, promote one party at the expense of another or seek to undermine the reputation of political opponents". Sounds fair enough to me; he shouldn't be using money intended to increase public engagement with Parliament to make fun of other politicians.

HP loads PC with nonexistent web browser

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I've been using www.sandboxie.com to do this sort of thing for ages.

OMFG, what have you done?



1) Used to work fine on my mobile phone (IE on Windows Mobile); now looks rubbish - after every group of 3 stories there's a huge amount of white space, to start with, and the horizontal alignment on the main page jumps about (some things appear left-aligned, some things right-aligned).

2) Comments box: using Firefox 3.0.2 under Ubuntu I have to click on the left half of the "title" box - at the left half I get the normal text caret cursor, but when the cursor is over the right half it doesn't think it's a text box!

3) Fixed width = epic fail. It's bad enough on my laptop at the moment, but I shudder to think how it'll look on my widescreen monitor tomorrow. The whole point of good web design is that your website should look good regardless of resolution/screen size, font size etc etc.

4) The new comment icons are horrible. Where are Paris and Steve?

I actually quite like the new appearance. I just wish you'd tested it a bit more before pushing it out.

Yet another hole found in BT Wi-Fi router



Well, quite. Which is why the bottom line is: don't have a single point of failure, and make sure that even if someone does crack the wireless bit of the network then they'll have to do lots more work to do anything once they're in.


@Mickey Porkpies

Because I restrict access based on MAC address, and tie MAC addresses to IP addresses, and my machines are always connected. Thus you'd have to spoof a MAC address to get in, which I'd notice quite quickly when the machine that really has that MAC address starts misbehaving.



WEP may be insecure, but I've had no-one hack into my network in the few years I've had (have some old non-WPA-able kit). Maybe this is because everyone will just go for the actually insecure network a door or two along from me.

Has anyone here actually hacked into a WEP-protected network? I know it's trivial to crack in theory, but have never tried it myself.

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