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Beam me up Scotty: Boffins to turn pure light into matter

John Hall

Hard Light... Rimmer!

And I always thought that Hard Light Holograms were impossible.

Audiophiles: These Wi-Fi speakers have a stereo drift of less than 25μs – good enough for you?

John Hall

I've Got 50 Gallons of Snake Oil and it Works

I'm a high-fallutin' Audiophile who looks down my nose at you non-believers who won't spend more than £200 on getting the most out of the one thing that unites us all ... MUSIC.

... As I sit here listening to my Devialet amplifier, tut-tutting the rest of the World.

Apple iPad Mini 8in tablet review

John Hall

Je ne sais Quoi

I've fallen equally between Android and iOS over the years. My dads Galaxy Tab 7.7 with AMOLED screen is very nice indeed. I started out with an Android tablet. But quite simply, beauty is more than skin deep here.

I've come to realise after switching between the two that there's something about the whole iPad+iOS package that gels intangibly, and makes it a pleasure to use day in day out. Androids always seem to be straining to get that completeness.

I was intending to get a Nexus 7 after my iPad2, but after fondling an iPad Mini in the Apple Store, it was love! The weight, the build, the feel, the tactility...I didn't expect it to have that impact. I'm aware that I still need to hold a Nexus as it may well have the same effect, but I'm just saying not to damn the Mini until you've tried one. I'm still open to Android but basically you either embed yourself in Android Apps or Apple apps, and I've built up more of the latter.

P.S. one thing I DESPISE about iOS : Slide to Open. When my tablet is at home I don't want to have to unlock it! (Android could probably disable this).

Mankind to detect alien life 'by 2025'

John Hall
Thumb Down

Not the Right Modem

I have long believed that we haven't yet discovered the Universal Internet (UniNet) that everyone's talking on. We could be a thousand years away from it (be it 'sub-space' or whatever). Once we're plugged in with the right modem, we will probably find a billion messages in our Inbox (half of which will be Spam).

Colliding galaxies mark Hubble anniversary

John Hall

A Very Bad Day

Does anyone else ever see such pictures and think "Blimey those people must be having a bad day!".

Then again, perhaps we have been saved from a Cylon invasion.


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