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Sony Ericsson P990i smart phone

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Bhagiyash Shah

Update your Firmware

I have been using my P990 since August 15 and have been using it everyday (most days execpt when I use a TyTN) as my main Smartphone. I do not find the User Interface that confusing, I've not had any problems with wifi or 3G. Email and web browsing works well. It plays videos better than the current crop of Smartphones. The P990 has only 15.5MB of RAM from boot and this is the source of many issues encountered by owners/users. The problems that are mentioned with flip closed mode have a workaround - so why not use it?

In summary I agree the P990 has great potential, and I find the ergnomics of the hardware to be superb, but the software is not mature and needs a few more firmware updates. An update is due in the next few days - the Reviewer should review this device again once the firmware has been updated.

Orange SPV M3100 3G handset

Bhagiyash Shah

Hardware Problems

Many HTC TyTNs have been returned by owners because of screen alignment and keyboard problems. Most machines with serial numbers starting HT626, HT628 & HT630 are affected. I know as have returned two myself.

As for the SPV M3100, I have had my one for a day. The main issue is that to make a call you need to press the 'on' switch before you can press the key for the keyboard - how can you call this a 'phone'? Call quality is not as good as the SE P990, SE M600 or Nokia 9500. Will add more comments as I have more experience of this device.

Sony Ericsson M600i smart phone

Bhagiyash Shah

M600 better than you think

In summary, this little baby is probably too innovative and has too many features for most people who don't really want to read the manual or want to invest time in working out how to use it.

Searching Contacts, for example, can be done using the keyboard so need to scroll the long list of 1000 contacts.

The audio reproduction on this device is the best I have ever heard - I tested the i-Mate JasJar, Palm Lifedrive, Palm Treo, Nokia 9500, Nokia 7710, etc. The sound quality and bass reproduction are in a word superb (especially when used with the stereo BT HBH-DS970 headset from SE).

If you switch-off the hand writting recognition function the speed and performance of this device is blistering. Also like the other person said above, you must reflash the device with the latest firmware and SE have made three updates in the first 6 weeks after release.

Bhagiyash Shah

Performance on T-Mobile 3G

If you have a T-mobile web'n'walk data package (only £7.50 for 2GB of data) you'll love this M600. It is super quick over 3G and Opera is superb. No need for wifi.

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