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Cloud backup drama: Mozy kicks Carbonite after ASA's had a go


Re: ASA is NOT Right JP19!

This is a very valid point.. I use this service and have 10years worth of photos that I back up. The initial backup will take an eternity once it hits 200GB. But once I get there and only incrementally adding data to it GB per week, this data will never be uploaded in time - unless I leave my PC on 24/7 which isn't great for the environment is it. At the moment, I am paying for a service that I cannon use!

A better and more suitable business model is to impose a monthly cap of say 10GB per month, and once this is achieved, then you will get throttled. This way the light users who have over 200GB on initial data don't get penalized.

ASA are completely in the right on this one.


Apple buys chip maker

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re : more clues

Ian, Just to clarify, the Iphone has a Samsung ARM1176 based CPU running at 600mhz+ not (arm9 as you suggest).

I personally don't think they intend to move into the mobile space. I hope they leave Intel and move back to PowerPC with their desktop and laptop machines.



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