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eBay software faker jailed for ten months

Barry White

Notice it wasn't Ebay that caught him??

Ebay didn't catch him..?? 46,000 pounds of transactions means a nice comission for them and maybe Paypal too.

Were they charged as accomplices or got off scott free again?

Internet auction sites wilfully accept the billions in profits but take absolutely no liability for what is presented for sale.

They can and should be made to do so instead of harbouring their sacred scam artist cash cows.

The perpetrator charged in this case was not the only link in the chain.

Microsoft kicks out third Windows XP service pack

Barry White

and more "oh dear".

To be fair there must be an OS for masochists too... = Linux.

Some people find Linux (W3.11 on steroids) interesting, as to why is not for us to reason.

We do get fed up with them chipping in on discussions on other OS's praising their own for some vague reason.

Get the message please, please, please... just because you love it does't mean someone else has to... seen it, tried it many times, sorry, but NOT interested.


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