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Government tied in knots by bondage protest

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time for a revolution

i have been helping to campain on this since it was first consulted about, i have donated a large sum of money to the backlash campain and all for nothing, in a few months i am going to be a criminal for doing nothing more than the things i enjoy with my partner (who btw is devilish with a singletail) and filming it. we dont publish our material, we dont have children (or want any) this is just another law that is designed to turn me into a criminal, and given where i work as soon as i get a criminal record i am out of the job so would have to claim the dole just to try and make ends meet. and of course once i am a criminal i wont be able to get another job because im a criminal.

i am proud to be kinky and proud to display the marks my loving partner inflicts on me (at my own request) i would rather be a criminal than give up being myself just because the gov tells me im a naughty boy...

fuck them!

EA Europe struggles squeezing out Spore

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no problems here

got the game on thursday, installed at about midday, created account and logged on fine, played on and off most of the time since i got it and havent seen a problem. and the game play is good too :)

Carphone Warehouse now taking iPhone 3G orders

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leicestershire 10iphones for all

just got back from my local carphone warehouse where the guy behind the counter said that if i wanted an iphone it would be best to order online as they had been allocated 10 iphones for leicestershire all of them stored at the shop as foss park....

6x 8gb and 4x 16gb

make of that what you will

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday


Sarah "Moderatrix" Bee is she single?

awsome photos and happy birthday el reg. now down to important matters...

is your lovely lady Sarah single and if so would she be willing to come out for a drink in an effort to change that?


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