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Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

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Bloody Vista aarrggg

Quote"Just wondering...

By Norman WanzerPosted Wednesday 16th April 2008 16:49 GMT Who in the IT field after having the issues we have had with Vista would be willing to try Windows 7? Personally, if it turns out to be nothing more than Vista with a face lift, I'm not interested.

I am an XP user (preference is win2k) and I have used both Windows and Mac on a regular basis. I think both have there pluses and minuses. I only choose Windows because it has more third party apps. (IMO, Linux still hasn't gotten easy enough for mainstream users yet. The app installers can be a killer.)

When MS goes back to giving people what they ask for and not what they think we want, I'll consider upgrading from XP." End quote.

I still use Win2k on all of 5 desktops, never had an unfixable problem. When however I bought my notebook it had Vista pre installed on it. And lookee Windows Update had SP1 on there update site, being the good girl I am, I foolishly let Vista do it's thing, namely install SP1. Then wham bam thank you maam, I was looking at a BSOD. Nothing would work except a rollback.

My question to microflacid is why fix something (Win2k) which aint broken??

And for the record I HATE VISTA! XP had too much eye candy for my liking, but Vista is a bloody joke!!

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