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Anti-paedophile group targets child abuse sites


@ Andy Bright

"We already have a government backed initiative to handle this one, in fact most countries do. It's called The Police, and backed by billions in funding. No it doesn't catch them all, but I feel it does a better job than some charity and a bunch of script kiddies would."

Ah the Police. The Police who didn't even have a 'cyber crime' unit (let alone division!) when the 'charities and script kiddies' were already tackling child pornography crimes globally. They started on the back foot, they won't recover.

"Rather than shutting down a bunch of websites, prison seems to be a much better way of dealing with things"

I agree but it takes time, usually involves a very small proportion of the people that are actually accessing the child pornography, and by the time one is prosecuted, there's 100 more to catch. I do not disagree with jail time for the offenders, but you have to attempt to stem the flow too.

"Look we have no right to say that consensual sex at puberty is wrong if the culture we're interfering with says its okay. What we do have a right to do is stop that and worse in our own country, where we are entitled to say its wrong."

The situation is a hell of a lot more complicated than you'd think. It would be wonderful if the world was black and white, wouldn't it?

That last statement of yours I have quoted above is worthy of a few hundred pages of comment as it is, but I'll just ask you to consider this...

The Sun, most read newspaper in London has allowed a number of times for women to pose topless on Page three the day they turned 16. Who's misleading who?


Slow starters...

EHAP (Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia) have been quietly fighting the legal battles for years, whilst even quieter hmmm 'grey' hackers and crackers were strong in assisting EHAP's cause in the late 90's/early 00's (in their own 'grey' way).

You (generally speaking) probably wouldn't believe it, but the issues with Pedophilia and the Internet were far more prevalent a decade ago to that which it is now.


Australia giving snoop powers to employers

Paris Hilton

@Aubry Thonon

You work in the IT industry, yet you seem to have forgotten that computers are used in quite a few more situations than just the IT industry these days, and thus there are quite a few more scenarios and businesses than just the one you work in.

I too live in Australia. I too work with IT. I don't work in the IT industry. I have in the past, both here, in Holland, and the UK though and I stress that you might want to look out the window one day...There's a whole world of activity in IT these days...

Boring your employees to death can be counter-productive...

Paris wins the icon, as she's having a Blonde moment.



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