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Bondage pics found in astronaut's car

Probably drunk

Re: Paul

"I further do not see why the police needed to browse the disk?

Any thoughts?"

Now a days if you're arrested for anything and you're found to have computer media of some sort on you, it seems like responsible policing and really just common sense to at least briefly search the media.

She's on trial for attempted kidnap, if the intended victim was a child or even if they "just" found child porn on the disk rather than some bondage pics, I can't see anybody complaining.

If I'm arrested, at the very least I expect to have my wallet searched and if it's for anything serious (such as attempted kidnap), my mobile phone at least briefly looked at and any sort of computer media I have on me checked since they can hold incriminating evidence of whatever I was arrested for or other crimes (not that I've ever committed any crimes, I'm even running a legal version of XP... honest guv). I'm those people who has a habit of going on rants about the big brother state and I'll strongly support my right to privacy, but the police need to do their job.

The real issue here is why this information was leaked/released to the media, before the trail, which is an issue both here (the UK) and in the US.

It did make me laugh and it only hurt somebody that's done what most geeks can only dream of (no, not sex) and if she really wanted to she could sell her story (who wouldn't want to watch a movie about an astronaut who drove across the US in nappies to kidnap somebody?) so I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but then again I can be a complete bastard at times :)



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