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PayPal ambushes users with mystery Skype charges


Skype also charge credit cards with no authorization.

I dont and wont have a PayPal account but Skype did the same to me by charging my credit card for payments for my Skype account that I had opened some months beforehand and paid for a 5 month subscription. Skype then with no authority started charging my credit card for monthly amounts. When I queried the payment over and over eventually I got an email saying they were doing me a favour keeping my account current.

What other sort of behaviour would one expect from an eBay company. They are all thieves.

eBay forces Aussies to use Paypal


eBay PayPal - join the petitions

We Aussies are really going to give eBay a run for their money cause they are not getting anymore of ours.

Already 3181 signed on - www.petitiononline.com - as we know they cant pull that

one. You guys should start your own about eBay UK.

Issue is going to be aired nationally on our A Current Affair TV program tonight.

This Paypal saga combined with the new Feedback system is just the last straw. I have written to our ACCC and signed up to alternative site and about to start my listings.

Also sent ACCC copy of these web addresses to look at as this is identical to what is happening all around the world. What other company would we give all our personal details to and allow them to dip into your bank account if and when they feel like it without even discussing the issues with you. Non that I can think of.








We will only win if we are very vocal and fight with our feet.

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