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Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime


Sounds like,....

a pretty badly configured AD infrastructure. I'm betting the Morons have either

a) ridiculously large roaming profiles or

b) badly configured DNS, more specifically some luddite adding public DNS servers to the network card settings cause they don't understand forwarders....




annoyed previous comment hasnt posted but sounds like roaming profile/dns problems to me.

do said companies on the receiveing end want a troubleshooter for a ridiculous fee?

Credit Crunch? N'ah Vista's to blame again!11!11!

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

Paris Hilton


Perhaps MP's should be getting the economy back on track rather than whining about telly. I for one registered Praise to the BBC so taking that into account technically its only 499.

Bit like the Crystal Maze i guess...

Paris cause she's like a prostitute i guess....

Windows 7 early promise: Passes the Vista test


Vista bashing...

seems to be the "in" sport in IT at the minute. Wonder if any of the partakers have actually tried to use the OS instead of just reading what everybody else has whinged about. I'm no fanboi but I've used Vista at work since release, yes it was terrible to start with but now is a usable OS. Wouldn't want to upgrade all my work machines yet (really don't want to start babysitting idiot users for 6 months who can't figure out the "My" has been removed from My Computer) but for me at work and home Vista is more than usuable on hardware thats not really that current. I use ubuntu too for the things I want to use it for but for playing games, administring my AD domain and server 2008 infrastructure i'm a happy bunny.

Ah well mines the flameproof number with the RAM in the pocket.....

BOFH: Unfriendly ghosts

Thumb Up


good ol halon :D

gas masks at the ready

New York lawmakers approve 'Amazon Tax'



paying 17.5% on everything by default as well as £1.07 for a litre of bog standard unleaded.....

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