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Controversial DNA profiling technique approved

Dr Teeth

DNA Bombing:- a simple solution for criminals

I'm very surprised that I have seen very little discussion on a very simple way to beat the DNA tests.

If I were to break into a place and wanted to cover my DNA tracks, I would do a little planning first. Over a period of several weeks, I'd go around some random hotels and or hospitals and collect used vacuum cleaner bags.

Then I'd pool their contents and put them in small explosive devices (such as a bug bomb style), creating DNA Bombs.

Once I've performed my criminal act (gloved of course), I'd set off the DNA bombs at the scene of the crime.

It would be interesting to see how the forensics teams cope with thousands of different random DNA samples.

Even if they did track my DNA to me, how easy would it be to prove that I was actually there and not just another piece of DNA shrapnel?

...That is assuming they aren't busy tracking the DNA of known drug dealers who happened to use the same hotels which supplied the vacuum cleaner bags...



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