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Euro server slump makes Itanium look good

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Does Someone Not Think About Their

Scribblings? "RISC and x86 machines maintained their market share, while CISC machine revenues dropped 35.3 per cent."

X86 means CISC, so the above comment looks broken. However as market share and revenues are not the same thing the comment could be accurate, just a bit muddled...

Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal

Tony Reeves

Not Quite So...

Having attended the G2009 presentation by Microsoft to Govt entities today (without SSC involvement), not much has changed. Microsoft still has favorable terms to Govt agencies in NZ, to ensure perpetuation of lock-in. Pricing is not greatly changed, however that may well change in 2012 when the next roll-over happens.

Nothing has really changed that would give Linux fanboys reason for celebration.

Microsoft: Don't rush to download Windows 7 RC

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Who has the big sign on their wall to remove the 2 hour shutdown code?

Will they remember, will they still be working at Microsoft?

Anyone taking odds on the 2 hour shutdown bug remaining in the FCS code?

HP goes sweet sixteen with HP-UX 11i update

Tony Reeves

But The Boxes...

"Anyway, customers can now get an HP-UX license in a few hours from HP's replicated servers instead of waiting a few days for it to arrive by mail."

Presumably confirmation of online delivery will still be sent via hardcopy in a series of very large boxes. Otherwise HP customers won't see value in the license fees (which proper OS vendors don't charge for).

Register readers on software development

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Better Reseach Here

For those who want more detailed research, and hopfully from a more definitive perspecive, have a look at Evans Data.. http://www.evansdata.com/research/strategic_development_research.php

While many results cost money, they do have some good free results and google is your friend.

Sun doused with red ink in Q1

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Not All Bad

$M220 from Java and $M208 from mysql a year is not too bad. Who said there was no money in Java or Open Source?

Sun: OpenSolaris 'pretty freaking amazing'

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It Just Works

"No matter what the geeks think, it's no use in a domestic environment until I can plug my USB webcam in and just have it work"

Bought a new Acer laptop recently, installed Solaris Nevada b96 (latest release then). Everything on the Acer just works, including the web cam. Better result than XP or Vista, that both require vendor supplied drivers.

Biofuel 2.0 gets off ground in Kiwi airliner trial

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As a Loyal Kiwi...

If I have the chance to fly over 12 hours with only the pacific under me, give me kero any day, rather than bio fuel.

Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATH

Tony Reeves

First Priciple of Military Intellegence

Don't let the other side know what you know. If US Govt and related intelligence/military Depts had half a clue they would have said nothing and let the trading continue where they can see the action (or lack of it). Having now alerted any baddies to their oversight of ebay and Craigslist they will just go elsewhere (if they really went there in the first place).

But maybe they have no clues, or there is some other, more sinister plot, that I don't grep.


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