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Next from Apple: The Pocket iPad

Roland Newmark
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a netbook without a keyboard?

Why not just get a netbook for half the money? I know it won't have all the "cool apps" but you'll still get everything you need done in non-cool Windows for a lot less money. There is nothing you can't do on a Windows netbook that this can do (just add Kindle software). While I do admit to being a Apple/iLemming hater, I do understand their other products and why they succeed. But if this sells to the masses I guess I am completely out of touch and will have to start printing Jobs for president stickers.

North Americans just don't steal handsets, apparently...

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why lose the money?

The carriers know the original owner will buy another phone instead of paying a disconnect fee and losing their number (even easier if they have insurance). The new owner (aka thief) is now a prospective new customer who might not otherwise have been one. I don't see what the motivation is for the carriers as using the DB will likely cost them $ for access to it or cost of reps updating it.

Then there is the question of the right thing to do but clearly that's not something they are worried about...

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face

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working now

I can DL it. Not that I want to or will any time soon.

Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints

Roland Newmark

Vista is OK

Vista has its problems but I have it running on a 2.2 GHz desktop (home) and a 2.6 GHz laptop (home/work). They run great. Of course for my work desktop that I must count on I run XP for now but I think a lot of the Vista stuff is over blown and being said by people not rolling it out to hundreds of desktops and had a problem with their custom or old kit. Again Vista is not great, but not the total piece of crap claimed. As for XP running faster that is true and if I take the same PC and run 2000 that is even faster. So you need to weigh the benefits of the newer OS versus the hardware you are running it on. As for rolling out and controlling/securing desktops Vista is a step up and if all your users are running is Office, Adobe and simple stuff like the it's even good. People run out and load Vita without doing any evaluation of whether they should and when it doesn't run on their old PC or their 16-bit apps get errors they say it sucks. If you were in IT you would never do that on a production system and identified the performance on a test PC. Which is why a portion of PCs came downgraded to XP because they weren't a good fit for that dept.

I'll stop now, just tired of the Vista flametards who never used it or used it in a scenario that was never going to work and would have benefited from planning.

I get aggravated at plenty of MS software crap from admin'ing many of their products so you'll have to take my word I'm not a fanboy. Just someone who doesn't feel need to jump on the bandwagon...

Apple blocks cheaper UK iPod sales

Roland Newmark


They know they can get away with it because of all the iTards out there. iTards will buy it even if they are making 20% more in their region because they need to have the status symbol. Instead of them complaining with their mouths complain with your wallets and then Stevy will hear you. They've become the MS of the music player biz...

No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes

Roland Newmark

fucktard can be placed with....

iTard. You know all those people who walk around with their iPhone in their hand tapping it and waving to make sure you notice so they can feel like they got their $400 worth or assuming you can't afford one so they must be cooler. As is it's impossible someone just doesn't one one until it is up to spec and lower in price.

Opps I guess I should have saved this rant for the next apple iphone story...

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