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Intel preps ultra-thin notebook chips

James Corbett

Will ANYONE consider the health issues

With this increasing policy of miniturisation, have any manufacturers considered the amount of work it's creating for Health professionals like myself? A recent case of a student buying a Netbook to do University dissitations on has resulted in such overwhelming repetative strain injury that she cannot type at all.

Maybe at some point in the future, the the great public will turn on these technology manufacturers and get them to accept the concept of "ergonomic"


'Diamondville' to shine as Intel's next Atom

James Corbett

But what about health and safety

My main concenr about this technology is human health and safety. Working in an industry where more and more miniturisation is taking place and i'm seeing more and more younger people suffering from hand injuries caused by computer and mobile use, smaller and more portable may be better, but please make somethign which won't injure and cause pain.

A colleague suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome is devastated that they can't text any more, using their phone; smaller than a post-it note. is this the way technology is going????

Ergonomic regs apply to all desktop workstations in the UK, meaning that it has to comply with recommendations set out to make a workspace as comfortable as possible; the mobile industry seems not to comply with such practices???

I hope i'm not just being negative



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