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American Apparel's tags start tracking your pants

Alf Hooker

Paranoia here we all are

There would appear to be a certain amount of paranoia here.

Who said that!

Is it the state watching or is it something in my trousers?

Surely if you are that scared of a certain type of RFID trousers then dont purchase them, easy when you think about it.

@ FOOF - Calling all paranoid fantasists

Mr Foof (nice nom de plume), what is your real name, your comments mean you will happily print your correct title, if Foff is your real name, i feel sorry for you, consider deed poll.

Reid Malenfant

Wise words great mate, dont worry about the 'if you were in Germany' quote by 'AC', (Yes another AC for you to whine on about Mr (or Mrs) Foof), cant imagine a person with a name like yours in leather trousers, slapping you thighs and drinking vast amounts of yellow beer from a mug with a lid on it, just dont go to Germany.

Tonto Popaduopolos

Foofs (Mr / Mrs / Monsieur?), will hate you more than everyone, top name though. Keep wearing the moleskin codpiece, i prefer mine to be made from scotchbrite.Nice.

@How to avoid being tracked by Argus Tuft,

You will be hated a close second by Foofs (Mde / Senorita?),Tonto just has it for me.

Dont use money or credit cards mate, your paranoid ideals will overtake you very quickly !!

I'm off now to think of a really good name to call myself.

All those worried about RFID should wear tin foil pants, not to stop any details escaping, but to catch the mess when you shit yourself everytime you think about the tracking in your strides.

Monroe BJ film goes for $1.5m

Alf Hooker

More JFK secrets?

Did he fire three or four shots during the making of the film?

1.5 mil for a short film of one dead person sucking off another.

Does anybody else see this as strange?

In future mate, dont waste your money and go on sky, channel 959 after 9pm and finish your business using freeview, alledgedly not as good as the encrypted show after 11 pm, but it would appear to be enough for you !

Met police plans to track cops by GPS

Alf Hooker

Here we go again, blame the old bill for .....well everything

Re; Bloody good idea by Harry Stottle

Harry, many police forces , and yes there are 42 others outside of London, have utilised the tracking capability in radios for a couple of years now.

As for routinely equipping officers with cameras, this may be a good idea but it would require a change in law (human rights and privacy) for officers to be able to film continually when on duty.

Many people would bleat that it infinges on their right to privacy and they would be correct, would you want to be filmed without your knowledge when going about your normal days business? I think not.

Many people find the police a quick and easy target without thinking what they are saying or writing, think about the authority, on a national level, that would be required for this and the many acts of law that would need to be changed, altered or removed forever.It really is not a viable option.

I can see why the daily mail did not print your article, it is not very original and is written by someone with a blinkered view of todays society and someone who has absolutley no idea about modern policing.

But if it keeps you happy...............!

Max Mosley loses battle to get sex video off web

Alf Hooker
Dead Vulture

Does the world need to know or care about Mosely?

So Max Mosely got his ares spanked and alledgeldy spoke in German, so what, has this directly affected anyone. No.

The News and screws has played on his fathers political views and many many people have been sucked in and then joined in a joint condemnation of the man.

Surely what a person does in their own time is up to them, if a man wants to get beaten with a paddle and shout 'Das iz gut ja', then so be it.

I am sure that there are many people, some in more important jobs than as the boss of the FIA, who regularly get thoroughly thrashed by ladies who get paid for it, do we know about these incidents, No.

Do we really care, No.

Does it affect their work, I doubt it.

These newspapers continually sell copies by feeding on the discomfort and pain of others, dont buy them, the old line of ,' I only buy this for the sports section' is a load of bollocks.

The Times, The Telegraph both have brilliant sports sections, they just dont have Nazi spanking headlines (and the content inside is usually intelligent and well reported).

So, i f you want to look at grown men being lashed and stroked, buy the news of the world

If you want to know what is newsworthy, buy the Times or Telegraph.

If you want lies, lies and more lies..buy the Daily Mail

UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses

Alf Hooker
Dead Vulture

Whats the answer?

I find myself agreeing with Mr Popaduopolos, we cannot put the words paedophile and law abiding in the same sentence.

Surely and normal human will agree that paedophillia is a disgusting and illegal way of life.

The point being that Ms Smith is throwing ideas at the great British public on what she sees as a 'hot potato' and an item that will inflame us into agreeing with her.

Jamie made comment that he/she does not agree with the policy and that the easy solution would be to leave them in prison, not so easy i am afraid.

The police, the courts etc are tied to tariffs when sentencing all criminals, lots of burglars re offend when they come out of prison, the same is said for car thieves, rapists even murderers.

We cant leave them in prison eternally, the prisons are full already so where do we put all these offenders ?

Mr Popaduopolos and I agree that poking fun at, or even pointing the finger of gult at the governments efforts can be amusing, but what is the answer.

Rightly or wrongly Ms Smith is attempting to put some sort of control measure on this type of offender, personally i think tracking devices would assist and possibly stop offenders carrying out these offences.

Any decent persons (me included) would want more stringent and painful measures inflicted on these people, but in this day an age of the niclely niclely approach , something has to be done, answers on a postcard please !

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

Alf Hooker
Dead Vulture

RE;Alf Hooker - a response from the coward

Splendid, you managed to sum up the whole of the incident in several (badly grammatised) words.

You are very obviously a genius, or are you being just slightly shallow with your opinions?

Just because she can afford to travel first class it does not give her the right to be rude and badly behaved, of course this may be the celeb thing rearing its ugly head again.

You are obviously very impressed just because she has a little bit of fame.

You also have a very low opinion of the British police service (and a high opinion of yourself), do you really believe that she was instantly arrested because she would not do as she was told, or was it becasue she had committed offences that were dealt with by way of an arrest.

As a frequent flier I despise the ignorance of some people who believe that because they have paid for a service that they have the right to abuse it.

Would you just sit in your seat and listen to some idiot shouting and screaming.........oh hang on you probably would as you are not even brave enough to put your name onto this forum.

Several things need addressing from your response, firstly I also would like have seen you give your phone to be thrown and then you could have been arrested, this would really have given you something to moan about.

Then you indicate that I am a bagage handler, I am not, although they,in my opinion, do stirling work.

Your attitude toward the police (or I fear any authorative organisation) sucks, I bet you are the type of person who mumbles under their breath when you see other members of the public being spoken to , although i would be willing to bet that you have never spoken to an officer yourself.

Finally, the spittin reference was not taken from, as you so deftly put it,'the currant bun', but from the news section of the Times newspaper.

You seem to have it in for Sun readers as well, are you really happy with your life?

Alf Hooker

RE; I would have given her my phones to throw too

I sometimes cannot believe what I am reading. Has the whole world gone mad or lost every piece of decency and a good moralistic life that we ever had.

Let’s look at the facts;

Her bags were lost - Upsetting, I think we all agree, even bloody annoying. But not the end of the world, these things happen. I understand it was a complete balls up at T5, but get some perspective, it is a missing bag, no one died, no one injured, no real drama, just a lost bag

She lost her rag – People lose their temper all the time, some justified some not. Ms Campbell seems to have made a career out of shouting and screaming at people when things don’t go her way.

I am certain that she was not the only upset passenger on that day, it would appear that using her ‘celebrity’ status (I hate the word celebrity, especially when used by the likes of Ms Campbell), would ensure she got favourable treatment, what a shallow attitude she must have, and of course everyone in her immediate entourage. She obviously had no thought for all the other passengers who were subjected to her vile rants and childish rages. Grow up

She spat at a police officer – Easily answered, there is no excuse for spitting at anyone, police officer or not.

She deserved to get arrested for such anti social and disagreeable behaviour.

Those who don’t agree must arrange for someone to spit in their face, then see how they react (they will call the police for sure)

She was arrested - She committed an assault and deserved to be arrested for it, any decent minded human being will agree with this.

If you don’t , please read my previous comments on getting someone to spit on you.

She was banned from BA – BA has the right, as does any business, to ban anyone from using their service if they have the evidence to back it up, I would suggest that they do.

I do not want to be on a flight with a petulant, loud person who spits at others just because things don’t go her way.

The woman has no dignity and deserves to be banned, as for the comment about her phoning her celeb friends and getting them to stop using the airline, I bet BA are terrified of this.

Newsworthy - No , using low level celebrities to sell papers and fill news bulletins indicates that there is nothing more important to report.

How is Ms Campbell more newsworthy than missing kids, or our servicemen being killed overseas.

She isn’t and the sooner she realises this the better

As for the title ' I would have given her my phones to throw too'. Idiotic statement, are you condining the use of violence over a lost bag. You are no better than her and obviously have very low standards on how to behave in public, you should be arrested as well

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