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NHS IT: what went wrong, what will go wrong


Whose data?

@ Odius Grunt

"I guess it comes down to whether we want the NHS/Government to control our health data or should they just give up and sell us all to The Beast(s).."

Scuse me just one second but why should the Govt control *my* health data? I've been adivsed I cannot opt out of it - the Govt ignoring it's own laws I see. With that sort of breathtaking arrogance it's hardly surprising that people are going to walk away from such a project.


Australia to restrict laser-pointers - Minister


@Miami Mike

Your pomposity is such that it needs deflating with a laser pointer. Are you involved with physics? Or medicine? How can you possibly be considered an expert in how it affects you without a general medical qualification and appreciation of how coherent radiation is performed?

I happen to agree with you yet I'm not a commercial pilot so I guess you would consider my opinion incorrect. I did spend an awful lot of time working in a laser lab however and know the effects that even scattered radiation can have. Does that count? For the distance that you are at for an aircraft apporach the beam divergence is such that it will easily score a hit in both eyes, and quite possibly the co pilot and captain would get hit at the same time. Whilst the incident power is not high and won't cause long term problems, it is going to occur at night and will result in temporary bleaching of the retina and loss of sight for a second to tens of seconds - I'll leave you to comment on how unfortunate that could be in final approach.



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