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Google upgrades Gmail interface, now less 'drafty'


Spam control

Google needs disposable email addresses like yahoo does. I know you can do trick with the "+" symbol but it doesn't help your email getting harvested or against dictionary attacks.

Akihabara unplugged: Tokyo's electric town falls flat


Its hard to pickup bargains in Japan now especially now the Yen has doubled against £ sterling in recent years.

I have had 245 Yen to £1 in the past.

Intel prunes SSD prices


Intel drives now are hardly distinguishable from any other Sandforce based drives now. They stood out from the crowd once.. but no more.

Why bother paying a premium when there are cheaper alternatives from Crucial, Samsung.. which dont slow down when they encounter compressed files.

LCD TV shipments slip for FIRST TIME EVER


Modern TVs dirty secret.. huge input lag.

Plasma & LCD both have one huge flaw which CRT TVs dont..: INPUT LAG.

The latest Panasonic VT50 range (even in the fastest gaming mode) have around 40-50ms of input lag.. and with gaming mode off its even more.

If your playing online fighting games or FPS against someone whos got virtually <16 ms input lag.. your going to lose bad as he sees you way before you will see him.

Raspberry Pi supplier coughs to ship date delay glitch


Another cockup. The beards at raspberrypi thought it would be good for UK buyers to subsidies the rest of the worlds by charging the UK £5 fixed delivery charge. The distributors are a joke.

Don't try posting anything critical on their site either the mods wont publish it.

Nvidia shows off first 'Kepler' GPUs


Will these cards be any good at Bitcoin mining / password cracking (hashcat)? Nvidia cards have been notoriously slow in these tasks compared to AMD.

Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling


Cancelling my 50mb order....

I just placed an order for the 50mbit service.. but after this news I am cancelling.

Lucky escape.

Google spins out happy-clappy autofill Chrome 6 beta



How about Chrome developers stop dicking around and allow reading XML files locally?

A lot of JavaScripts are broken because they disallow it (in the belief of increased security).

Grundig 500GB Freesat+ HD DVR


Internet recording.

Why don't they include web servers on these expensive PVR so we can connect via the internet and record programs.

I would ditch my SKY+ box if there were other boxes that allowed remote recording.

Influential tech pundit says iPhone 'will be 3G in 60 days'



Hopefully the new one will work in Japan. Its the reason why I havent bought one yet.

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