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As Sun unravels, it's time for a new suit


As Sun unravels, it's time for a new suit

I agree with a lot of Chris Mellor's post,

However, and there is a big Howerver.......!!!

The general tone of the post is negative....SUN does still turn over 14 Bilion Dollars a Year, NOT A small sum by any chalk.. of which a large portion goes into research and development,

where I believe SUN goes wrong is in 2 parts, Having Something to Sell part... and then there is the NOT Shpouting about what it HAS TO SELL... Marketing..!!

If the model for Open everything was to survive, it was a large gamble to think that the likes of DELL could not end up feeding off this policy, by R&D that costs, to then give away, then hope the punters would return the favor by buying SUN's hardware is a real Gamble...

First of all, Quality was something SUN offered over everything else, Punters really stopped

caring about this a long time ago....

We buy cheap, and the cheaper the better, we lost the value tied to Quality, and Quality, from a SUN Point of view ment, COSTS, HUGE COSTS.... !!!! But in my opinion SUN was strong on this point, holding onto it's values for too long.

Open source, does turn this table a little, that is, think of the basic idea, develop the idea, then

skip all the internal test cycles to get it out the door, Slap it with a Open Source Stamp, and let

the Quality cycle happen in the Field, reducing costs... RIGHT....!!!

Sounds familiar... many Successful companies do just this... hence the amount of updates, and recals, and just generally bad releases seems to pay off, as we understand that cheap

means just this....

Second, SUN Has an amazing set of core engineers, innovation and technologies that come from the SUN Labs is second to none, so where are the problems.... Marketing, productizing, and actually having something to sell is where they suffer.

Thirdly, Seems that SUN IS Well positioned, across the technology horizon, from the Virtual Desktop, just comming to its own, as being too far ahead of the Technology curve when first released,

SPARC CPU's with Cores Lots of em.... and for many years...

Servers that are second to none, and hybrid,

Java of course....

Solaris Open, and Boxed... by far the best OS on the planet.. (Sorry but just Is)

Blades, that just seem to be WAY in advance, able to use a whole set of CPU's from across the industry, yet little discussed,

Storage, second to none, and for the deep pocket so the shallow,

Networking, unquestionable,

Clustering technologies,

Pack the whole lot into a BOX, a big one but in a BOX, and it's ain't ONLY in BLACK... and leave it it in the car park... or any where you please...

all tired to gether with monitoring and a whole set of Engineering waiting to help, eager to help, willing to help, and You have a Picture that say SUN... place a big Green, green and greener sticker on it.... and Voila...

Come on SUN, change your vision, You have a lot to shout about, and a 14 Billion dollar

Business, go to the market, shout about what you have, and be ready to sell it.

AND if it means calling back Scott, showing the door to Jonathan, or bringing in another, then

let it be...

Erhh and standard disclaimer prevails...


Reg Reader poll on notebook quality: results are in


Apple support...


Dell easy to support.... HMMM!!!!!!! This survey has missed the point of the Survey itself..

I am a hybrid user... Office wise, I AM FORCED to use a PC, Home and as a consultant I use Apple.

So Hard to support for Apple, hmm Since I moved most of my Clients to Apple, I lost almost

40% Instantly in Support that I used to give for PC Laptops.

So what this survey does Highlight is dell NEEDS MORE SUPPORT, Granted, when APPLE needs support there are less skills in the market place, BUT GONNA CHANGE...

1) Apple = Savings on Virus and Spyware.

2) Apple = Hardware Last longer, see above point 1.

3) Apple = Style, Quality, Advanced, secure OS, without annoying popups, and always click yes..

4) Apple = Slight price premium

Apple Performance, sorry again PC guys, With Apple you Pay NOT ONLY For style, and ease of use, but generally for latest break through technologies, clearly quality, and performance to put the icing on the cake.

So if the survey stats were also based on Numbers, Apple doing well, others struggling..

We say you Cannot Bake the best cake without the best ingredients.

Thks Apple for loosing 40% of my earnings... :)))


IDC sees virtual desktops in corporate future


Virtual Desktop.....

Again and Again, Virtual Desktop, without a single Mention of SUN MICROSYSTEMS, and SUNRAY.......

IDC !!!!!!!!!


IBM bombs world with storage blitz, but...


Storage Blity!!!!!

I am not surprised to these results in the Blitz of News in this showcase....

Mainly, for a long time now, Companies that are involved in the business of Innovation and technology are being asked too early in the Product cycle for details.

All the big guys, IBM, HP, SUN, Intel, AMD, Microsoft and even Silicon Graphics.... all the ones doing the actual research, into the Tech of the future, the ones that are commercialising technology from the Lab to the Customer have the same issue.

NOTHING is a surprise anymore, those greedy money people need to know where their money are being absorbed... only thing is they are Under NDA's but it ends in the news, so I personally am not surprised...

Microsoft cannot be excluded, or blamed for the premature release of VISTA, and thus its demise for now..... Pressure from the the Stock market to release, to announce, and to lay ALL on the table for whom ever to see....

SUN Was forced to open its labs for all to see, after investors wanted to see what they were doing with such a high percentage of earnings going there..... SO even thought they are working on 16 core processors, and forced to talk 2 years before its release, injecting negativity into the markets...

I see fewer roadmaps, as a cause of this, it would help if the Value of the NDA was understood, ONLY too many want to hit the news with NEWS, self gain and realisation, and that moment of FAME.......

Greed is rife among us now, and I cannot see that changing, only the further demise of research and technology willing to disclose their roadmaps, but they need funding, and this is where the circle completes....

Chris Parker


Ban using mobiles while crossing street, says US legislator


BAN Headset Music use for the same reasons

Many people here in Switzerland are being hit by cars because of iPod and such listeners.. One Girl was tossed 50 meters by a train killing her in the impact.. and many more pedestrians meeting the same fate with cars...

We are Just loosing track of stupidity, ie. we seem to have pointed all the fingers at poor drivers for too long..... Responsibility is for ALL of us.

I recently made a near miss, screeching to a halt, inches away.... I screamed at the crossing pedestrian, he had no clue..... An i was tormented for the rest of the day in my mind to what if I had hit him.....

Great Bill, hope it becomes more widely spread than this state, and makes it to Europe too



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