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Pentagon in QuEST for quantum-teleport spooky IT

James Hussher

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

The post above by Greg Fleming is erroneous. No one suggets that by measuring, or attempting to measure, the position of atomic or sub-atomic particles, that their position "magically" changes. Very simply, the "light" (electromagnetic radiation) used to view the particles actually pushes the particles out of position. For him to refer to this simple fact of physics as a "well-trotted out explanation" is petulant and preposterous.

Furthermore, this is not a quantum effect of any kind. It is simply action-reaction.

I don't know what "phenomenon" Mr Fleming refers to as "spooky action at a distance." That is not a scientific reference with which I am familiar.

Quantum entanglement has nothing to do with one particle "acting" upon its twin partner. It is, rather, our observation that twin particles are communicant instantaneously and certainly hyperluminally.

The "Planck effect" is not relevant to quantum physics. It is based upon newtonian/einsteinian physics which are not relevant to the consideration and evaluation of quantum phenomena.

Mr. Fleming suggest a species evolution is required before we can "grasp the granularity" of quantum physics. He advances his belief that "we" have no "mind or senses", nor "language" capable of "treating these phenomena objectively."

I suggest that anyone keen on this subject read Fritjof Capra's excellent book, written many years ago, "The Dao of Physics". It discusses quantum physics elegantly and succinctly.

Perhaps Mr. Capra, that book's author, is of a more advanced species.



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