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New York lawmakers approve 'Amazon Tax'


Location, location, location

I am curious if the law will apply to an affiliate who lives in NY or if it will only apply if the affiliate's website is housed on a server in NY. If the affiliate is a Nevada or Delaware registered business using a Texas based server then is the business located in NY just because the owner of the business resides in NY? I can't see how this is going to be policed. The obvious thing for Amazon to do is declare that as of a given date they will no longer do business with affiliates with mailing addresses in NY. Then it is up to the affiliates to use a mail drop and bank deposit in Nevada or another commerce friendly state and access their fund through the automated banking system.

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'


Clinton cops clueless

Sgt. Dunn clearly has a knack for hyperbole - perhaps the real crime here is the school over reacting to what was clearly a high school prank.


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