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IBM shakes up the server game with lean, cool iDataPlex

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RE: RE: El G

Sorry, may have been a little rash there. Just that there were a number of quite harsh comments being bandied around, and it was nice to see an engineer showing pride in their handy work.

@Matt - Sorry, kinda skimmed the comments and mixed you up with the AC above. Still an inexcusable snipe by moi, though :(

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@40 Patents?

That's a bit of a harsh comment! I applaud the bloke myself, for having some pride in his work.

Too many companies these days shift dubious, recycled, ten-a-penny* <Insert 'developing' nationality here> products; then we slam someone (admittedly from IBM) for the closest thing to craftsmanship I've seen on the market for some time.

Good job, Gregg! Go lick a HTC smartphone, Matt and 'trottel...

*five-a-cent, for our American friends.

Nintendo Wii 'like a virus', games boss sniffs

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Maybe Epic want to become Rare...

... another nice little games purchase by M$, what with thier penchant for splashing out silly money for aquisitions.

Will give the dude a nice bonus for the year!

Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

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RE: First touch screen device

Nor the N770, N800 or N810 internet tablets...

New banking code cracks down on out-of-date software

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All of this has happened before...

Anyone with an eye for the past will remember a few issues with ATMs. A number of customers sued banks when they refused to act upon fraudulant ATM transactions, mostly (but not always) from stolen PIN/strip details (often obtained the infamous false fascia scams [http://www.snopes.com/fraud/atm/atmcamera.asp]).

The banks 'believed' thier system 'technically' infallable. One court defense even stated that the codebase was 100% secure as it was written in assembler. The technically inept judge, if I can recall, believed the argument, ignoring the fact that a) assembler for large applications can turn into swiss cheese and b) this technical solution was simply being bypassed.

These very same banks were initially abhored by the presence of ATM security cameras introduced by Citibank (would make them *look* insecure), who themselves have tried to hush security flaws rather than fix them [http://cryptome.org/pacc.htm].

These greedy idiots take no responsibily for thier own actions, and when they fail with their golden bullet they simply blame everyone else. It's *their* money, after all!


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