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Feds raid Miley Cyrus hack suspect


Here's a thought...

... how about people shouldn't keep these kinds of photos available on their gmail accounts? Miley was an idiot even having those pictures anywhere except her own hard drive (and even there).

And if you DO happen to hack a site like that, don't brag about it, sheesh.

Dog off the menu at Olympic restaurants



Sounds like the locals who like to eat dog for dinner are going to have a 'ruff' time.

Chrysler shoves hotspots into hot rods


Oh god

That's all we need, someone stuck in traffic playing WoW (I'm talking about the driver, not the passenger). Talking on a cell phone is bad enough while driving, this is going to be totally crazy.

Uncontacted rainforest tribe caught from the air


@AC (benefits of moderm society)

For us to take these people out of that environment and put them into a 'modern society' would kill them outright (or may as well do so). Its taken 'modern man' well over 1000 years to gain this much technology and assimilate it in to everyday life. You can't just drop that on these people overnight. The governments of these countries need to step up and protect them.

As the other AC said, they'll be freaked out just by an airplane. I can't imagine how much people in regular clothing, no coloration of their skin (ie. body makeup like them) and guns showing up to take them away would freak them out.

Pregnant man to hit Oprah with ultrasound



So forget about the fact that the guy is actually a woman inside.

Imagine this kid in high school.

"What? Your dad is really your mom?"

That kid is screwed for life mentally and isn't even born yet.

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