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Dell axes 900 jobs in Austin plant shutdown

Dead Vulture

Corporate Terrorist

Dell is nothing but a Corporate Terrorist that has no problem with devastating their employees lives. How many Billions of dollars do the ultra rich stock holders and top level executives need before they are satisfied. When you have more money that you can spend in ten life times and others are having their homes foreclosed on, can't afford food, and have no choice but to pay out of control gas prices; you are just as heartless as those murdering terrorist in the war. Americans worked hard for Dell and believed in Dell as an American company that treated employees well and offered quality to Americans for a great price. Americans made Dell successful and Dell has shown his true colors by turning his back on us when we need all the help we can get and that means jobs. I will never buy another Dell product and recommend that my company no longer purchase Dell Servers or desk tops. I am ashamed of Dell, greed is the heart of evil.



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