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Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen

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I'm not a pirate...

I just wanted an uncrippled media player app (MKV support amongst other things), now i have to go round changing a bunch of passwords and logins to sites, and worry about having my bank card details stolen.

thanks sony!


Apple Mac Mini (Early 2009)


£100 too expensive

i've paitently waited two months for this hardware refresh after getting my old 1.6c2d mini stolen in the hope i would get a 2ghz unit for the same price as the 1.8ghz. what do they go and do? up the price of the base model by a ton, so effectively, theyve scrapped the base model, stuck new video chips in the top end one, and then charged a load more for an extra 1gb of ram and a bigger hard disk (which *has* to be no more than £40 difference.

so apple have lost a sale, theres no way i'm paying that much for a small pc that sits under my telly and only gets used for watching videos over ethernet and the odd bit of web browsing.

instead i'm gonna try out either the popcorn hour or the WD media player which are cheaper, and spend the spare cash on a new netbook so i can browse t'internet whilst sat on the sofa.

screw apple.



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