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BT fibre-to-the-premises trial takes 7 hours per install


Business As Usual

Ahh, so in typical BT fashion...

BT: "Here's your new 100Mbit line sir, now make do with that 10GB a month cap - it really lets you experience 'up to' several lo-res Youtube videos!"

CSTMR: "But I want to watch rich web-content? Hi-def etc etc, and download my games from Steam?"

BT: "Sorry sir, you cannot actually use this super fast pipe for anything that the extra bandwidth would show gains from - but if you look closely, your Facebook page will open a hundredth of a second quicker!"

CSTMR: "Oh... might as well stick with the erm.. up to 8Mbit then"

Since the internet likes car analagies: It's like having a 6.0 V12, with a 5 litre petrol tank - useless.

Gov decides not to have scientific advice on drugs any more



Haha, that's just plain brilliance all over....

Gov: "Hey old bean, that scientist is bothering us again with those pesky facts?"

Gov2: "Yes, they do it all the time... little do they know we're going to sack them."

Scientist: "I have done some more research, and have come to the conc...."

Gov: "Hold it there chap, we're not going to listen to facts and evidence anymore... and by the way, you're sacked."

Treasury turns to Facebook for cut plans


Wake me up...

...when the UK has been given back to the land of the sensible...

I'm off to hibernate untill these Eton boys have had their fun - or wrecked the economy even further by listening to people on Facebook.

Daily Mail commentard out-tw*ts the Tw*t-O-Tron


Seems about the right level for the DM

The stupid are everywhere... reminds me of the London woman who said she would give up her liberty for freedom - how do these people manage to tie their shoes in the morning?

Game censorship crusader sues Facebook for $120m


Erm? Nice conclusion

@ RE: slooth 'et al.' -- I used to think that video games did not condition an impulse to violent behavior, but then I started reading the comments posted on websites by other gamers who thought the same way. There are ways of dealing with life's challenges other then reaching for the linguistic equivalent of a rusty chainsaw which seems to be about the only response you gamers have been left capable of. --

Hmm, nice conclusion there matey. I'm sure you somehow managed to capture 'every' gamer in the worlds sentiments: as of course you must have met us all to come to that conclusion. Videogames don't condition an impulse to violent behaviour for the vast majority of us, so don't spread FUD.

Of course, Jack Thompson is a lamer but not all of us advocate punching him, I would much rather see him penniless, sporting a big beard and sleeping under some bridge somewhere.

Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing

Thumb Down


I am surprised that people still sign to Virgin Media, but I suppose that if you want slow on-peak speeds, dodgy phorm trials, or TV streaming that's throttled then by all means go with VM.

I hate you people who think that if you use a lot of traffic you must be a pirate, what about iPlayer, Youtube, STEAM (game delivery network - Half-Life 2 series is over 14Gbs)and all these other content rich sites which eat lots of bandwidth? Oh I forgot, you only ever go to facebook, what's this? the interweb thingy has videos and games on it? WHOA!

It is lame, we're meant to be entering the digital age and most if not all our ISPs have draconian traffic limits which prevent using the web for anything but browsing. Even if you pay for a top tier service you never get it. I have to pay £29.99 a month to have a connection that's throttled when any sign of traffic occurs so that the cheapskate paying £5.99 a month (with same ISP) can surf his/her emails a nanosecond quicker.

Gordon Brown claims a Brit invented the iPod


But lets not forget...

Ah yes, the great British invention. You do know that we actually invented the word: invention. It was back in the summer of 1756 I think.

Exec sounds death knell for games consoles


Not gonna happen

Hmm, sounds like a dead horse already.

As someone mentioned above, the UK and many other countries ISP's are already starting to throttle connection because they use too much bandwidth. With IPTV and other media based web services the need to download well over 100Gb a month will be required; how will people manage on their lame 5Gb a month package from 'insert lame ISP here'.

Never gonna happen unless ISP's/Backbone providers update their networks to support an even vaster amount of traffic.

I can also remember BT saying something along the lines of "people don't need more than 8Mb connections" - and with excuses like that coming from providers you can see that this everything-online-games-movies-tv thing just won't happen anytime soon.


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