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It wasn't just a few credit cards: Entire travel itineraries were stolen by hackers, Easyjet now tells victims

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Re: only allows access to one customers record at a time

Database system are designed to be as fast as possible, not to impose delays. You need to understand that there is not just one terminal (aka PC) making requests to the database, there are hundreds, if not thousands. You have the hostesses in the airports, registering luggage, you have travel agents querying the best way for their customer to travel, you have people on the Internet looking it up for themselves, and there is probably a bunch of other possible ways to send demands that I haven't the foggiest idea of.

If you create a system where only one request can be served at a time, you are basically choking the whole system beyond usability and the whole thing collapses.

Home working is here to stay, says Lenovo boss, and will grow the total addressable PC market by up to 30%

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Re: I have to say I'm with Lenovo on this

It's a nice idea, but if everyone in a household might be able to have a PC, not many households can have an office per person.

There are many people living in apartments that are already small, they simply don't have a room to serve as an office, so they repurpose the dinner table or something. In those conditions, I doubt they appreciate working from home.

So either they continue going to the office, with all the hassle of getting there and back, or, in addition to the probable massive shift in commercial property value, there will be increased pressure on acquiring a house with enough rooms for people to not only live, but work alongside their living space.

That is going to put additional strain on people's budgets, and we just might see companies creating a WFH incentive package, including a financial package comprised of some sort of company investment and a small interest rate loan, in order to have its employees in the best possible working conditions.

Having the company pay a part of the Internet bill would not be a stretch either.

BoJo buckles: UK govt to cut Huawei 5G kit use 'to zero by 2023' after pressure from Tory MPs, Uncle Sam

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Re: if they are all this paranoid

They're not paranoid, they're just using that as an excuse to try and keep Huawei from dominating the market.

You see, the US is all for capitalism as long as it is holding they keys. As soon as an actual competitor rises above its abilities, it's no holes barred to undermining said competitor by any means necessary.

But I agree that Huawei, as a Chinese company, could very well be pressured by Beijing to reveal some sort of information at some point or another.

However, we all know that Washington does pressure US companies and has even made a law allowing it to do so.

So what I would like is a European initiative creating 5G infrastructure components that are not beholden either to the US or to China.

Because if you want to be paranoid, you have to go all the way.

Well, that's something boffins haven't seen before: A strange alien streaks around Jupiter

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That far away ?

Jupiter is a billion kilometers from the Sun, and that's close enough to start vaporizing ice ?

I thought comets had to at least in the asteroid field before being impacted by the Sun's energy.

An open fusion reactor is apparently more powerful than I thought.

Edit : my bad, Jupiter is only almost 780 million km from the Sun. Still far, though.

For the price tag, this iPad Pro keyboard better damn well be Magic: It isn't... but it's not completely useless either

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That keyboard is flat on the table

Not a good typing position. The keyboard should be slanted toward the typist.

But I'm guessing the hipsters will be using that on the couch, so no problem.

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Re: you get at least three times the usage from an Apple machine/device

I still have my IBM PC keyboard from 1989. I can just slap on USB converter on it and plug it in and it works too.

So, how many times more do you need ?

Wanna force granny to take down that family photo from the internet? No problem. Europe's GDPR to the rescue

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Re: If all PII was removed from the image metadata

Your face is PII. That's why we have all those failed attempts at facial recognition going around in public places.

So, "if all PII was removed", including blurring the face, then yes, I'm guessing it would pass GDPR provisions.

Now the question is : does Grandma know how to edit the photo and blur the face ?

I'm guessing no.

IBM cuts deep into workforce – even its Watson and AI teams – as it 'pivots' to cloud

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Wow, that's cold

"some posts were made by staff who recently completed certifications on major cloud platforms but were still let go"

So, you go through the effort of improving your skills on your own time, likely paying for the privilege, and you still not only get no recognition for it, but get the chop.

That is one massive fuck you right there.

Never trust a conglomerate. You're nothing but a number there.

HPE's Black Thursday: Staff face pay cuts or the ax, office closures to save $1bn+ after coronavirus slams IT titan

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So, slashing headcount again ?

Why is it that I don't recall HP ever doing anything else when "transitioning" ?

Oh, right. It's because that's the only thing they know.

Honestly, those people who submit a CV to HP should really realize that, at best, they're only getting a temp job.

SAP shareholders not happy about chopping and changing CEO model

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"a German rendition of a 1970s panel game show"

Now that is a masterful metaphor, especially for a Friday.

Have a cold one on me !

India makes contact-tracing app mandatory for passengers as domestic flights resume

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"Those who do not have a compatible phone"

Ah, so there can be incompatibilities. Does that include feature phones ?

I really would like to know how they expect to install that app on a feature phone.

Guess who’s laughing most of the way to the Splunk, despite revenue miss and nervous customers?

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"data being a luxury"

On what planet does he live again ?

Data has never been a luxury. The only thing the entire IT industry has ever done is improve how we handle data. The speed and efficiency with which we deal with and transmit data today is because we have had to find ways to do that. Then the Internet came along and it was not long before we adapted to its unique abilities and now we are milking them for all their worth.

The Cloud may be a luxury, but at the rate companies are stuffing data into it, it will soon become a necessity.

Mind your language: Microsoft set to swing the axe on 27 languages in iOS Outlook

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Change at the device level ?

Really, Borkzilla ? You think you can just go and make people change the entire way they use their phone just to please yourself ?

That is a level of hubris that only you can imagine.

Railway cables overpowered errant drone's compass and flung it back to terra firma

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"over localised regions of the bridge below"

Okay, so you decided to launch your drone on a bridge, likely made of metal but not specified in the article, and next to an electrified train line.

Instead of launching from a field in the middle of nowhere.

Were you specifically testing the drone's ability to navigate in complicated electromagnetic environments ? Because even without a metal bridge, an electrified train line is going to have an impact on compasses, as you found out the hard way.

Vodafone woes far from over for Xiaomi Mi 9 owners amid complaints of leaky batteries and voicemails in Romanian

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A "correction" that changes the interface language.

Could someone please explain how that is possible ?

How can you write a bugfix that touches on the interface language ?

I get that connection issues can be a trifle complicated to deal with, but how do you spill over on interface settings ?

Internet of Tardiness: Microsoft puts on a brave face as IoT boat prepares to set sail

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Missing the boat

It's an age-old tradition at Borkzilla, followed by massive investments and purchasing of small companies to catch up, followed by unsatisfactory product and ending in cancellation of the whole fiasco.

And all of this is made possible by Windows and Office licenses which are the two things that Microsoft has done reasonably well and the only things that have ever really brought in the money.

Okay, there's Azure that's not doing bad now either, granted. But frankly, everything else Borkzilla has ever attempted ended in failure. Might be time to draw some conclusions, don't you think ?

COVID-19 sparks new wearables to push the pandemic away

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Blockchain, blinkenlichten and comes in October

So, the Noodle (sorry, that's how I write it) will need 128GB of SD storage to manage its blockchain - that it will have to synchronize somehow - it has bloody LED lights that you don't see because it's clipped on your shirt pocket, and it will be available when the pandemic is over. Or restarting, we'll see.

Now tell me, who is managing this blockchain thing, what server is it going to call for updates and what security measures are included ?

Frankly, I have the feeling that the company making this is going to fold if that's the only product they have.

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Re: Antisocial distancing

Just make it a fedora and you don't need to add anything, it's already off-putting.

NASA renames dark-energy telescope after its first Chief of Astronomy and Mother of Hubble: Nancy Grace Roman

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Re: A worthy tribute

It is only fitting to have her name in the stars.

And it is a good thing that will remind people that, at every step of our advancement in knowledge since at least Ancient Greece (and probably before that), there has always been a woman somewhere developing ideas that no man had thought of before.

There has been Hypatia in Alexandrian times, of course Marie Curie, and there have been others but those are the two names that come to my mind right now.

I now know that Nancy Grace Roman is part of this pantheon without which Science would simply not be the same.

Alibaba to serve up Kentucky Fried smart speaker, with a $1.4bn side of e-commerce integration

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"personalised recommendations based on their previous orders"

So exactly like targeted ads. They take what you've already ordered and suggest more of the same. What's the use ?

I already know that when I go for KFC, I want the spicy crust, not the normal one. I don't need some damn piece of glorified plastic to remind me of that.

International space station testing Wi-Fi links with incoming craft, with an eye on autonomous docking

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"made available to the public"

Does that mean that the good people abord the ISS will soon have a video-recording-enabled robot trundling around and watching them ? With the entire world able to see what they are doing ?

It must be an idea from marketing. I'm sure that the control software will keep the robot away from private quarters and the space toilet, but still, there is a good risk that thing will get nicknamed The Eye Of Sauron before long.

Remember when Securus was sued for recording 14,000 calls between prison inmates and lawyers? It just settled

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"selling location data"

Um, the location is prison. At the next call, the location is still prison.

What's the point of selling that ? Are prison wardens that interested in knowing when a prisoner is in the gym ?

I am baffled at this. Prisoners are in prison. What possible use can their precise location in prison be ?

Apple, Google begin to spread pro-privacy, batt-friendly coronavirus contact-tracing API for phone apps

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"the politically fraught task of policing home-grown implementations"

Now that I can understand. And we have a magnificent example, don't we, NHS ?

I do prefer that the two major players get their teams on this issue and iron out a common solution. I like that they say that no data goes back either of them, but I'll wait until the experts demonstrate that that is true.

In any case, I do believe that Google & Apple (Googapple ?) are less of a risk than some local company who got the job because the CEO goes golfing with the minister's brother.

Plus, at least the techs in both companies know exactly what their platform can do and how to call on it most efficiently. Knowing how to program an app for a mobile platform does not mean you know how to do the job using the least amount of power possible.

So good on Googapple. Let's just keep in mind the age-old adage : trust, but verify.

US senators call for more transparency over $12bn TSMC fab plant investment

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"whether the Taiwanese giant was lured with the promise of financial incentives"

Really ?

Are these guys new to the concept of capitalism or what ?

When a supermarket chain eyes a spot of land it wants it not only gets the local authorities to exempt it from taxes for ten years, but also gets roads and infrastructure made on its behalf then takes off after nine and a half because, all of a sudden, it remembers that it won't be making money soon.

And now these senators are wondering about a $12 billion plant ? Were they born yesterday ?

Of course there were incentives. Of course there were promises to not tax them on the basis of surface usage, or headcount, or anything that ensures that TSMC will build the damn thing and employ local people to make it run.

And even if that means that the only locals are janitors, it still means that there will be an influx of housing improvements, as a whole lot of people will be flying in from Taiwan to be part of the plant.

Because the USA no longer has that expertise. So shut the fuck up and take what you can get. And smile while you're at it.

Hey Siri, are you still recording people's conversations despite promising not to do so nine months ago?

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Apple promised a “thorough review of our practices and policies”

And I am absolutely certain that Apple did a thorough review as promised.

Except that Apple never promised to change anything. Apple just promised to review the situation.

People are going to have to learn to read what is said, and act accordingly. Words are words, and actions speak volumes more, but you cannot expect one of the richest companies in the world to have the same interpretation of "review" as you do.

If you have any questions, ask yourself why you are not managing billions in the bank, and Apple is.

UK MPs to off-payroll workers: Delay IR35 reforms until 2023? You wish

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A right pig's breakfast

Slop all around and nobody wants to mop it up.

Somebody remind me why we have government already ?

NASA's Human Spaceflight boss hits eject a week before SpaceX crew launch

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Re: Going while the going's good

Yeah, but he could have made that choice six months ago and not taken the job at all.

It's not like the situation was unknown in November.

And besides, his departure does not exonerate him from responsibility for what happened during his (short) tenure. If, Heaven forbid, there is an explosion on the launch pad, he'll still be questioned for the decisions he took.

Huawei to sling Google-free mid-range P40 Lite 5G at British shores this summer

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A hard sell ?


It will mostly be a measure of how many people are really fed up with phoning their life to Google.

Tech's Volkswagen moment? Trend Micro accused of cheating Microsoft driver QA by detecting test suite

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"We believe this allegation is misleading"

Of course you do. So please provide an official explanation for why that code was included.

This is not a bug, nor a mistake, nor a case of rogue engineer. The code was written specifically to check on Borkzilla's driver certification. There is no reason why the guy should have alerted you beforehand so you could silence him with spurious excuses while you renamed MysteriousCheck to PerfectlyNormalCheck and pretended everything was ok.

It is not ok, and I hope you'll get raked over the coals for it.

ITAM Forum opens: 'People just want to talk to other managers about how to defend against software audits'

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"learn to defend themselves against audits"

I'm sorry, where's the problem ? I thought audits were a consensual kind of thing. It's a "I'm here to chek on your licensing landscape", "Please come in" type of thing.

Because if some guy thinks he can barge in and check my kit without my consent, I'll have him know that he needs cops and a warrant to do so.

And if he thinks he can just send me an invoice if I do not comply, well that does not mean I'll pay it.

Former Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman calls on UK govt to legally protect data from contact-tracing apps

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Re: Is it really

Is it really indeed. The USA has a bunch of laws that protect individual privacy, but the NSA routinely runs roughshod over all that, and the FBI gleefully follows suit.

Laws are worth nothing if you don't have people in the right positions that know and do their job to protect citizens.

And there appears to be a dearth of that kind of human being these days.

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Harperson ? Who is Harperson ? The article is about Harriet Harman.

If you want to rant, it would be really useful to at least seem like you know what you're talking about.

SD cards hop on the PCIe 4.0 bus to hit 4GB/s with version 8.0 of storage spec

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128TB ?

Dear God, please give me a NAS enclosure that can support 128TB SDs.

I promise I'll be a good boy.

Google rolls out pro-privacy DNS-over-HTTPS support in Chrome 83... with a handy kill switch for corporate IT

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"We understand this concern"

And we don't give a flying fuck about it.

Typical behavior these days. We want it this way, so you can wave goodbye to every habit you have because this is how we roll.

I absolutely hate web developers that believe they have the right change people's habits. Once upon a time, before the Internet was a thing, Microsoft had put out a document where it set down the rules for making a proper UI. Rules that it shat upon liberally when it created its PlaySkool interface called Metro, but I digress.

I really would like to get my hands on that document. I remember reading it and thinking to myself : "this is very sensible". Yes, I know, a Microsoft document about UI that was sensible. What can I say ? It was before Y2K.

Things have changed since.

Get off my lawn.

PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover gets new gig driving ‘modern workforce transformation’

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Re: thats not the only reason I dislike The Cloud


If you want to impress me with the Cloud, tell me how my data is secured and encrypted and protected from the US CLOUD Act.

If you manage to convince me, I will find that impressive.

But I still won't put anything in that Cloud.

It's, it's, a red-and-blue striped golfing umbrella... Facebook teaches its online tat bazaar to auto-identify stuff for sale

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Rotating View

That sounds awesome. Give four or five pics of a chair and get a full 3D view of it. Wow. That is a worthy accomplishment.

Too bad it's done by a privacy-invading ad monster.

You know this Land of the Free thing, yeah? Well then, why allow the FBI to trawl through America's browsing history without a warrant?

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Re: Fourth AND Fifth Amendments

Yes, those are excellent words and they transcribe a wonderful ideal, ideal that the US government has been slowly chipping away at for decades.

Now, that ideal is all but lying in the dust, gasping its last breaths. The Statue of Liberty is fixed, because if not she would have skipped town a long time ago.

The thing is, if there is one thing that you cannot take away from the USA, it is its citizens. I know quite a few American people, they are good people. They will prevail, and I am convinced that America will once again be a true beacon of liberty and justice. It's just that, at this point in time, they have a bunch of right white racists in every position that counts.

That will pass, in time, and things will get better. Right now, we all just have to weather the storm. The shit storm.

TLS termination, Teams toys – and holy 5G, Batman, Microsoft buys UK network software biz Metaswitch

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"That last line didn't really work, did it?"

Honestly ? It was awesome.

Congratulations to the author.

Even if it isn't the season.

With millions upon millions out of work in the US, here come the scammers claiming victims' unemployment money using stolen info

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Re: customary incompetence

Customary incompetence ? Really ?

Okay, let's compare and contrast. I am at Credit Mutuel. We bought our current house in October 2017. We had one meeting in person to iron out the loan details, everything else happened either over the phone or by the bank's portal. The amount of hassle was minimal, and everything went through swimmingly.

My daughter used to be at the Caisse d'Epargne. She was a student studying in Paris when we bought our house. She needed a student loan. The Caisse d'Epargne was obviously a bunch of muppets because they refused the loan based on the fact that her access card did not mention the word "student". One call to our Credit Mutuel agent and she had her loan within the week.

I don't know who you dealt with, but I strongly believe your issues were not solely with Credit Mutuel.

Pascal Monett Silver badge

Why does this continue to happen in the US ?

Stolen identity is no laughing matter in any country, but frankly the USA seems to take the cake in the amount of ways someone can pass himself off as someone else and benefit from it.

In France, you cannot get a bank to send money from an account, no matter how many details you have on the person. Basically, even if it is actually your account and you are you, you can't get your bank to do it over the phone. The bank wants to see you in person at the nearest agency. More so if you want a loan. So that's most banking issues solved.

However, France also has a government portal. You can do most administrative stuff on it with your government-assigned ID and password. I shudder to think what would happen if someone got hold of my details, but on the other hand, there's no money there. The worst thing a hacker could do is change my annual income report. A hassle, to be sure, but nothing that couldn't be handled with a face-to-face meeting with a tax inspector.

And given that we don't have public credit ratings (I'm sure banks have their rating of you, but they don't share), nobody can go and ruin mine.

So how is it that the USA is basically a constant target for identity theft and that it is so lucrative for the scammers ?

Project Reunion: Microsoft's attempt to tear down all those barriers it's built for Windows developers over the years

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Borkzilla looking for a new foot to shoot

Honestly, Borkzilla is responsible for every single restriction to its various OSes. Now it is trying to pretend that it cares about some amount of backward compatibility. Seems to me that that means that Windows 10 is not dominating the market like Borkzilla would like it to.

Well guess what ? The market is defined by businesses that have developed procedures to solve their problems, not yours. If you don't tow the line, they won't budge until you do.

Being the biggest player in the market also means you have the biggest forces to deal with.

Good luck.

Rogue ADT tech spied on hundreds of customers in their homes via CCTV – including me, says teen girl

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"ADT failed to monitor consumers’ accounts"

Right. Absolutely true. Just like White Star Lines failed to put enough lifeboats for all passengers.

ADT is guilty of trusting its employees. A harsh lesson, and one that will bring down a raft of restrictions and technical difficulties that will indeed make it impossible in the future to do such things as spy on an underage girl. And that is undoubtedly a good thing. However, given that ADT threw the book at the guy and delivered him to the police, and pledged to do what was necessary to keep this from ever happening again, I do not see that that ADT should shoulder all the blame.

Honestly, the technician was there to install the system. He has authority to define the email addresses that have access. Internal procedures already forbade any unrecognized manipulations, what more do you want ? The creep cheated. The system is not at fault.

Now, ADT is going to have to modify the installation procedure to ensure that the technician has a list of approved email addresses, shows them to the customer and gets a signed approval, in order to ensure that this does not happen again. Because of one asshole, countless time and money will be employed to get customer approval of every address added to the system.

That's exactly why we need laws : because of the 0.0001% of assholes who ruin everything for everyone.

Beer rating app reveals homes and identities of spies and military bods, warns Bellingcat

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"this particular one used his surname as part of his username"

It is truly astounding to realize that people who should be intelligent enough to know better still sell their lives to any app that tickles their funny bone.

I really would like to read a psychiatrist's study on this apparently innate need to sell one's personal life in order to give one's opinion on something.

Pascal Monett Silver badge

And that is now 70 years old . . .

Podcast Addict Play Store ban: Android chief says soz for incorrect removal, developers aren't impressed

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"We are still sorting out kinks in our process"

The kinks in your process is that you have one guy to review everything.

Take a million out of all your billions and hire a few dozen more guys to review the issues. That will help.

AI won't.

MIUI importante! Xiaomi's updated Android fork bears better permissions plus new ultra-battery-saver mode

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Now it is Chinese companies that are giving us privacy-protecting settings by default.

What is the world coming to ?

Microsoft promises big things for Edge... and they'll be ready for folks some time before universe's heat death

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"what Edge really needs is more users"

Yeah, well, good luck on that.

Honestly, even if Edge admits NoScript and uBlock Origin, I still won't use it. It brings nothing to me.

Could it be? Really? The Year of Linux on the Desktop is almost here, and it's... Windows-shaped?

Pascal Monett Silver badge

I'm glad you had the luxury of being able to do that.

AT&T tracked its own sales bods using GPS, secretly charged them $135 a month to do so, lawsuit claims

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Re: I hope this guy has the evidence to follow through

So do I, because AT&T is going to want to settle as soon as it realizes that a judicial decision will not be in its favor.

Besides, if I'm a salesperson, I fail to see why I should be "rewriting and correcting technician orders of wireless and wired television boxes", "assisting the technicians in rewriting customer orders", or "changing customer install internet speed upon customer request" and the other stuff that is clearly the domain of support, not sales.

Far be it from me to actually defend salespeople, but there is a clear divide between sales and support, and it seems obvious to me that this divide was not respected.

It also seems obvious to me that, because AT&T is clearly abusing their sales reps, AT&T will "fight these claims" until it becomes obvious that a judge is going to rule against them, at which point, just like Oracle, IBM and countless others, they will fold like a wet mop to avoid having an actual judgement against them that will cost a lot more than another court case against some disgruntled salesdroid.

Honestly, it is high time that the US judicial system refuse settlements and lay down the spirit of the law clearly and unequivocally to avoid behemoth US companies from continuing to profit from their shady practices.

FCC boss pleads with Congress: Please stop me from auctioning off this spectrum for billions of dollars

Pascal Monett Silver badge

So it's actually more of the same

Pai is not acting to protect emergency services or - heaven forbid ! - consumers, he's acting to save telcos from forking over money for spectrum they don't need now.

The fact that this, for once, actually helps other people, is not on his mind.


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