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Subcontractor's track record under spotlight as London Mayoral e-counting costs spiral

Sven Coenye

Par for the course for CGI

CGI made a complete hash of the Vermont health insurance "marketplace" application. The contract was terminated as it became obvious CGI was incapable of coming up with something that didn't fall over as soon as it encountered real world loads. They still walked off with $66M

They say piracy killed the Amiga. Know what else it's killing? Malware sales. Awww, diddums

Sven Coenye

Piracy killed the Amiga?

No. Mehdi Ali and Irving Gould killed the Amiga. Credit where credit is due, to stay with the spirit of the article...

As many as 100,000 IBM staff axed in recent years as Big Blue battles to reinvent itself from IT's 'old fuddy duddy'

Sven Coenye

Re: Trust the Brits

The C5 is going back in production?

Omni(box)shambles? Google takes aim at worldwide web yet again

Sven Coenye

the website's base domain is what has all the security tied to it

Not sure I'm following that one. Even a wildcard cert would not cover www.example.com and example.com simultaneously. AFAIK, unless example.com is included as the Subject Alt Name on the www.example.com cert, the browser should complain if example.com responds to www.example.com. So, user goes to example.com -> complaint, user goes to www.example.com -> no complaint, even though the address bar says example.com. As if the SSL situation was not confusing enough already :-/

Hell hath no fury like a radar engineer scorned

Sven Coenye

Re: Can this inform the 5G debate?

I know I have problem. But I'm working on it. I have been diluting mine with ethanol. I'm now down to only 55% dihydrogen monoxide.

Mine's the one with the flask in the pocket...

The latest FCC plan to boost US broadband? Prevent competition in apartment blocks

Sven Coenye

ISPs be required to add all their own cabling

Not at all: developer cables building, owner leases said cables exclusively to the ISP offering the highest kickback. Win-win. Repeat at end of lease, until building EOL. The residents? They can always move if they disagree.

This Free software ain't free to make, pal, it's expensive: Mozilla to bankroll Firefox with paid-for premium extras

Sven Coenye

Re: Firefox's global market share dwindles ...

I would say this tin rattling dovetails nicely with neutering independent extensions. Mozilla can now do things outside developers can no longer readily accomplish.

Did they ever fess up how much they paid for Pocket? I can't help but wondering how much that acquisition is contributing to Mozilla's cash crunch.

For me, having Pocket take over the entire UI and the normal bookmarks menu mangled when 60 ESR replaced 52 was the last straw. For now, I have fallen back on Waterfox, but it has become very obvious how much of a competition killer Mozilla's extension store is.

Microsoft Bing is 10: That thing you accidentally use to search for Chrome? Still alive and kicking

Sven Coenye

Bing is a Duck Duck Go source

Welcome to the 34%

Sex and drugs and auto-tune: What motivates a millennial perp?

Sven Coenye

Re: Boston Dynamics in the year 3000

Just don't mention its Chinese-American heritage as a negative...

Apple won't be appy: US Supremes give green light to massive lawsuit over App Store prices

Sven Coenye

Re: Possible contributing factor to the 6% drop?

I won't hold my breath on that. It'll pretty much be parasite v. parasite. Just look at the pittance Spotify sends the artists they make a living off.

Sven Coenye

Possible contributing factor to the 6% drop?

This decision may embolden Spotify (and likely others) to file suit in the US instead of just the EU over Apple's corresponding 30% vig of any in-app purchase (and the prohibition for the vendors to tack the difference onto the price.) They have deeper pockets than any solo developer or customer and the damage to Apple from losing that subscription income is likely to be more serious than losing x% on the less frequent (maybe even one-time) purchase of applications.

Hands off Brock! EFF pleads with Google not to kill its Privacy Badger with its Manifest destiny

Sven Coenye


From the article:

"We’ve listed a set of changes to the proposal that we believe are necessary to keep Privacy Badger functioning as it does now and to allow us to implement planned changes in the near future," they wrote in their letter to Google's Chromium team.

There's really no other way for this to work. Implementing an intrusive public facing change like that in Chrome only would essentially create 2 separate browsers. And even if it was for Chrome only, that probably covers 99% of all installations. That doesn't leave a lot of incentive for developers to continue supporting Chromium.

It's alive! Hands on with Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser

Sven Coenye

Say what?

"the browser is stable and the fact you're reading this indicates that sites such as The Register's own content management system run without issue."

Thank you for that revelation! I've always attributed that to Waterfox. My bad...

Now, does all this mean Chromium is now an essential and inextricable part of Windows, or is Edge now uninstallable? Inquiring minds and all that...

Citrix mysteriously quiet amid whisperings of senior layoffs: Executives, teams logged out, it is claimed

Sven Coenye

lower level workers lose network access soon after receiving a pink slip.

You have that backwards.

Did you hear? There's a critical security hole that lets web pages hijack computers. Of course it's Adobe Flash's fault

Sven Coenye

It was baked in

1511 didn't have it but one of the feature updates installed it and it was impossible to uninstall (short of deleting files manually.) Maybe MS has come back to its senses, but then I don't have to admin W10 anymore :-)

Fujitsu: Closes director's gate to Tait, 9 execs abdicate, and for German workers – a crap Weihnachtszeit

Sven Coenye

The first non-Japanese exec ever invited on to the board...

Dang. I hope he knew the Japanese don't look kindly on failure.

That's at least a pinky. This time...

The D in Systemd stands for 'Dammmmit!' A nasty DHCPv6 packet can pwn a vulnerable Linux box

Sven Coenye

Re: Meh

FYI, there may be pain on the Debian Jessie -> Devuan Jessie -> Devuan ASCII path.

There are no issues with a clean install but an upgrade may result in mixing parts of consolekit and elogind. It was reported during testing but things are not entirely resolved. My Xfce lost the reboot/shutdown controls and from the CLI, a shutdown hangs at "Will now halt". Been digging into it since the upgrade, but no success yet.

Distro inferno: Debian's still rocking at 25

Sven Coenye

Re: Fond of Debian

The biggest problem is not so much systemd itself, but the usurpation of udev. On Stretch without systemd, that has already broken LUKS. The inclusion of hardware dependencies in the network interface names wreaks havoc when rolling out network configs with something like Ansible. (Instead of the familiar eth#, udev now produces names like enp3s13 where the numbers reflect the position on the PCI bus.)

Linux 4.18 arrives fashionably late while Zorin OS shines up its Windows

Sven Coenye

Re: not sure if I want to fork over money...

What business model did you expect from Zorin Industries?

Mine's the one with the detonator in the pocket...

Game over for Google: Fortnite snubs Play Store, keeps its 30%, sparks security fears

Sven Coenye

If they really want to send a signal

then Epic should pull Fortnite from iTunes. Otherwise, the only lesson to be learned by Google is that they need to shut down the side load avenue too.

You wanna be an alpha... tester of The Register's redesign? Step this way

Sven Coenye

@Nay, nay and thrice nay

Run PrivacyBadger ;-) It eats all the images, on the old site as well as on the new one.

And in current affairs: Rogue raccoon blacks out city power grid after shocking misstep

Sven Coenye

There is only one crispy raccoon

That would be procyonid, then. (And I finally get to use that icon :-)

They grow up so fast: Spam magnet Hotmail turned 22 today

Sven Coenye

Re: 1999-2000

Mine was .be. HP linked up with local ISPs to provide the service. The mailboxes and web hosting are now on Proximus (formerly Belgacom, formerly the state telco monopoly.) And someone even still has something useful there: http://users.compaqnet.be/doublestars/

Sven Coenye


Around the same time, HP gave away free 4MB @compaqnet.cctld addresses to anyone buying a new PC. Not only is mine still alive as well, the capacity has grown quite a bit over the years.

GIMP masks font downloads, adds horizon fix in new build

Sven Coenye

The biggest practical change is that the stable version finally supports > 8 bits/channel. That is what folks have been clamoring for since the advent of digital cameras (and it is one of the main reasons CinePaint had that dedicated following), yet that nugget somehow didn't make the article.

Stop us if you've heard this one: Adobe Flash gets emergency patch for zero-day exploit

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Irrelevant because everyone has already removed Flash?

Yes, years ago. But then Microsoft put it right back and took away the "Remove" button.

Git security vulnerability could lead to an attack of the (repo) clones

Sven Coenye

Good old input validation

Heh. It seems the input validation code is actually what is going off the reservation...

"code to sanity-check pathnames on NTFS can result in reading out-of-bounds memory"


eBay has locked me into undeletable Catch-22 trap, complains biz bod

Sven Coenye

Nothing new here

eBay has been pulling crap like this since forever. At some point, they emitted an unpalatable update to their T&Cs. Guess what? I could not delete the account without agreeing to the new terms. Worst of all, they blocked use of the attached credit card for transactions entirely outside eBay if the vendor used the PayPal tentacle for payment processing.

Fatal driverless crash: Radar-maker says Uber disabled safety systems

Sven Coenye

Re: Cause of Death: Ostrich Algorithm

As to why she was crossing there, see the overhead of the accident spot: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.4362155,-111.9424977,163m/data=!3m1!1e3 . The big X in the median makes it very enticing to cross there if your in that area as otherwise you have walk to the stop light, cross, then double back; or pedal up W Lake View Drive, then to the intersection, and then down.

The original police report re. the vehicle's speed (doing 38 in a 35 mph zone) was not correct. If you walk Google Streetview back from the accident scene, you'll find a 45 sign just before the overpass. The limit before the overpass is indeed 35 (walk Streetview back to before the river to find that sign), so Uber's car was accelerating but within the limit as it struck Herzberg.

UK's data watchdog seizes suspected Scottish nuisance caller's kit

Sven Coenye

Oops! Alert the Moderatrix - the coders need whipping.

Have I exceeded my quota of upvotes?

Ex-ZX Spectrum reboot man threatens sueball over unpaid invoices

Sven Coenye

Re: Yeah, cheers Retro Computers Ltd

"Can't you all go forth and multiply now? "

Eh, no way. That's the last thing you want 'em to do!

Uber breaks self-driving car record: First robo-ride to kill a pedestrian

Sven Coenye

Re: @Yet Another Anonymous coward

"Everywhere in the US, pedestrians have the right of way.


Even if they are not in a crosswalk."

Citation needed? Counter example (Vermont Statutes Annotated):

23 VSA 1052

(a) Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk shall yield the right of way to all vehicles upon the roadway.

Crypt-NO-coins: US city bans mining funbux on its electrical power grid

Sven Coenye

Wrong lake

Plattsburgh's electricity comes from Niagra Falls, i.e. Lake Erie, not Champlain.

The catch is that the city has a ~100MW fixed allotment of the power produced at Niagra. That is normally within their power budget, but the margin is fairly slim. The crypto miners are blowing that and power to fill the shortfalls comes at 4x the Niagra rates.

Shock poll finds £999 X too expensive for happy iPhone owners

Sven Coenye

Re: Rolex

Sure, but the Swiss did give a toss. IIRC, that set Apple back ~35,000 iPhone X's (assuming a $600 margin)

AI racks up insane high scores after finding bug in ancient video game

Sven Coenye

What the f*ck

Shirley you meant "What the @!#?@"

Vermont becomes fifth US state to boot up its own net neutrality rules

Sven Coenye

Re: Competitors?

This is pretty much aimed at Comcast. They are the only major content owner doubling as an ISP in Vermont.

Residential DSL "competition" is provided by Fairpoint, who bought Verizon's omnishambles and has since managed only to go broke and subsequently sell themselves. They'll happily sell people 16 Mb/s service in places so far removed from the last amp they're lucky to get 768 kb in the dead of night.

How much effect this is going to have is questionable as the bulk of the State offices are in locations served by fiber providers who have no skin in the content game and barely have a presence in the residential market.

UK.gov: Psst. Belgium. Buy these Typhoon fighter jets from us, will you?

Sven Coenye

Belgian requirements have a strong tendency to morph into a form that matches the offer with the largest bag of carrots attached*. France just flew in with a Rafale carrying 20B carrots. Thats a lot of persuasion.

Secondary is that no one in Belgium really knows what its military role is since the fall of the wall. The mission flip-flops as defense ministers come and go. One government opted for a disaster relief mission that gave the military a fully engaged role, had broad popular support and scored quite a few brownie points abroad. However, it mostly involved the C130 fleet and its crews. Then came Crembo, who thought that was unmanly, ditched it, and instead sent our F16s to kill little brown men with AK47s. Queue lots of internal discontent and the evaporation of the brownie points. Belgian F16s had homebrew avionics and AFAIK never quite got the real deal, so they only operate on the periphery.

* Carrots may be for public consumption (as with the F16 purchase), or private enjoyment (Agusta A109 purchase, 1985 artillery shell purchase, ...)

It's 2018 and… wow, you're still using Firefox? All right then, patch these horrid bugs

Sven Coenye


WebRTC can be used to initiate phone calls. (It probably has voice synthesis as well. In case your internet goes down, it can dial out to blab on on you...)


"Until recently, there had been very little interest expressed by developers to make use of this interface; and, as a consequence, it has been a relatively low priority for the Firefox WebRTC team"

Might explain a few issues mentioned...

We need to talk about mathematical backdoors in encryption algorithms

Sven Coenye

Re: Layered encryption

That is essentially what 3DES was: content run through the 56 bit DES three times. DES was terminally compromised by 1998 yet 3DES is still in use.

Sven Coenye

Re: AES Backdoor...

"The main problem with Filiol et al premise is that they want a COMMON backdoor that is "easy" to use"

No. Filiol does not want that. He created a backdoor that is undetected by all current crypto validation tests, then asked "how do you know your current crypto algorithm does not already contain a similar thing?"

IETF protects privacy and helps net neutrality with DNS over HTTPS

Sven Coenye

Re: the devil is in the implementation

The same batch of router makers who seem to be unable to get their equipment to perfom even the basic functions without screwing something up? And who can't be bothered to ever fix that because it would cost them money?

How long before they discover they can make money by sending your DNS traffic to the highest bidding profiler?

Royal Navy destroyer leaves Middle East due to propeller problems

Sven Coenye

Re: Navy Lark Questions (@TRT -:you beat me to it again)

What is missing is probably the correct size Allen wrench for the set screw.

Uber: Hackers stole 57m passengers, drivers' info. We also bribed the thieves $100k to STFU

Sven Coenye

Inquiring minds...

Did those two have a hack license?

(Cuz Uber sure doesn't...)

Microsoft concedes to Mozilla: Redmond will point web API docs at Moz Dev Network

Sven Coenye

Makes sense

Mozilla documents the standards and Microsoft adds the exceptions

WPA2 KRACK attack smacks Wi-Fi security: Fundamental crypto crapto

Sven Coenye

Re: Mitigation

Routers capable of being clients, like wireless bridges, are vulnerable in their own right. (Bigger can of worms here as some mfgs. still use WEP in this mode.) Another possibility is that the AP may be capable of detecting the attack, assuming the attacker is in range of the AP as well as the client. A patched AP may be able to drop the connection if it detects the rogue handshake packets.

Dear America, best not share that password with your pals. Lots of love, the US Supremes

Sven Coenye

About that Netflix EULA

It actually does not say you can't share the credentials. The closest it comes is saying use is limited to "members of your immediate household for whom you will be responsible hereunder and users of the Netflix ready device with which you are accessing the Netflix service and for whom you will be responsible hereunder".

The only actual use restriction in the EULA is that you are prohibited from using your account when traveling.

And a lot of us here are probably already in violation of the EULA whether or not we have a Netflix account: no one is allowed to have more than six installed copies of the client. Good luck with that :-/ Your account is hereby terminated as soon as you sign up ;-)

Sven Coenye

Why the upset?

Nosal used other people's credentials to filch data and ended up in the clink.

Would anyone be upset if he was jailed after he got them to cough up the keys to the building so he could walk off with the server? Would anyone even be surprised if those who gave him the keys ended up in adjacent cells?

Black screen of death after Win10 update? Microsoft blames HP

Sven Coenye

Re: when does the 'joke' : windows IS the malware...

Shutting down Cortana is actually not all that hard. All you have to do is ... drop your user account in the local admin group. Way to go MS :-/ (Also shuts down a bunch of other crud, including Edge.)

Microsoft sets the date for Fall Creators Update

Sven Coenye

Re: Decent backup

You mean, like NTBackup?

China: Cute Hyperloop Elon, now watch how it's really done

Sven Coenye

Re: This is what happens when all the leaders are engineers

"...it looks like there are only six rows of seats in those pods so even at four rows it's 24 people per pod."

There are 25 members of the Central Polit Bureau, so the pod is just about the right size then.


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