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Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos


I would have put the Logitech G710+ instead of the G19s

I've had two G19 keyboards, the first original non-S is still going for me on my workhorse PC at home, it was replaced by a G19 (for my gaming PC) when I needed a new keyboard.

However the G19s lasted about two months before going "white screen" on me. Got Amazon to refund the cost and went for the G710+ instead. Not missing the screen which in the end was more of a gimmic, but the lack of a stupid power-brick, all-mechanical keys and sheer built-like-a-tank of the G710+ was worth it. Now have a second for my work PC - yes I have more money than sense sometimes ;-)

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'


Sorry, but China hasn't had a "one child policy" in quite a while - funny how the mainstream media won't report this because it serves them too well.

In fact the Chinese government is actively encouraging families to have more children as it's begun to realise, in a much bigger way than say Europe, that their population is ageing very rapidly.

Ten... dual-band wireless routers

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Re: A glaring omission on the fritz! Box

Agreed, I got one of these when I switched from cable to VDSL (here in Luxembourg) which then replaced my Cisco E4200 running DD-WRT.

The Fritz is streets ahead of the E4200 with a ton of extra functions and an amazing amount information it logs. It even detects wireless interference sources, which it then logs, graphs and reconfigures itself to get better connectivity. Also logs when wireless isn't being used and reduces the power usage until needed again. Very clever piece of kit.

Highly recommended.

I would have gotten a Draytek as many others have mentioned as I had one many moons ago and loved it, but their dual-band offerings are fairly non-existent. At least at the time I was looking.

Dastardly DDoSers down Gawker


Currently the same thing is happening to Twitter


Xbox 360's NXE patch births RRoD complaints


Of course all the PS3 updates have been flawless....

....how easily people forget.

Though I do agree that MS in the usual manner are not dealing with this very well.

BlackBerry Javelin to spear RIM's Bold and Curve?


Sharper screen?

It's the same as the screen on the Bold, just in a smaller area so you'll have to squint a bit more.

BlackBerry Storm to blow in next week - minus Wi-Fi


No WiFi - unthinkable in this class of phone now!

What is it with RIM? They produce the Bold full to the brim with connectivity options, then they bring out the Storm and the new Curve but neuter each by removing one connection type! No WiFi, No 3G - crazy!

It just leaves the Storm open to critics that it's not going to be as good as the iPhone because it hasn't got WiFi - why RIM, why?

I'll stick to my Bold until they bring out v2 of the Storm.

Can I connect two gadgets to one powerline Ethernet adaptor?

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Simple answer......

..... yes, using any ethernet switch

A mini mouse that loves wrist action


Not bad

I don't think this is going to be as easy to use in the air as Logitech's Air mouse because of it's design, but it's at least more portable and better as a normal mouse.

We love our Logitech's here though ;-)

World's largest digital photo frame displayed

Paris Hilton

Hang on.....

"World's largest digital photo frame displayed"? couldn't you simply hang any HD LCD TV on your wall that has integrated card readers, like my 46" Samsung for example, that can display pictures in a slide show and claim that to be a digital photo frame with built in TV functions?

RIM Blackberry Bold 9000

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Got mine today and I love it over my old 8707v

... plus mine came with a 1Gb card unlike the reviewers. Didn't like the "pouch" which I think is lame, but fortunately the belt-clip case from my 8707v fits just as well.

As for those of you complaining about carriers deleting BB maps, I agree it isn't as good as Google Maps for example, so if you really want the RIM application, just visit one of the many BB forums and get yourself a new firmware. Upgrading is very easy though it won't unlock the phone, but at least it gets rid of the carrier garbage.

All phone are unlocked here in Luxembourg so we simply get factory delivered models that we can do what we like with ;-)

iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on

Jobs Horns


...Apple should get back to what they're good at - creating joke products and suing the ass off anyone that even hints at copying them.

Archos 705 Wi-Fi mobile DVR


One problem with the screen..

....that put me off the 705 was that it's only 262k colours, where as the 605 which I got instead, with the same resolution is 16million and makes quite a difference. Plus the 705 is really too big for travelling on buses/trains or walking.

Also, it supports WMP for synching out of the box so you don't have to drag'n'drop, but drag'n'drop is usually better as you can use other applications to manage your collection.

I just wish it could internally resize video that's too large, within reason, rather than rejecting it.

Oh and I agree with the double tap nonsense - I wish they'd add an option to set it to single tap.

Best powerline Ethernet products?

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Test 85mbit Netgear, bought 200mbit Devolo

I test the 85mbit version from Netgear, the type that are a self-contained unit and were connected between my apartment and the basement storeroom I have, to service my server. The best I got was 13mbit up or down, but it proved the connection could be made.

So I plumped for the Devolo 200mbit ones a) because they were cheaper, b) I got the desktop models which were cheaper still. The speed bumped up to 48-55mbit up or down, so pleased with that (it's only a server for mail and a personal website I toy with).

However, after overheating issues in said storeroom, I placed the units within my own apartment and get between 140-160mbit.

I'm thinking of adding a 3rd unit in the living room to service my Xbox 360 and ShowCenter media player (currently both on 54g wireless).

Man sues God


Leave the poor guy alone...

.... isn't Steve Jobs getting enough attention .... oh sorry, you mean _that_ God ... it's so easy to confuse the two of them.

Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal



So Apple's failure with the jPhone in Europe has begun with O2!!! LOL They have absolutely no idea how the phone market works over here, only how to fleece money out of unsuspecting customers, and O2 agreeing to the madness that Apple demands just shows how desperate O2 are to get the business, which I predict will be abysmal.

No 3G


No video

18 month contract at extortionate rates with, imho, the worst provider

No thanks, go home SJ.....you're not welcome.

Nokia N95 multimedia slider phone


2Gb limit

I believe the 2Gb limit is a software issue as the larger cards are FAT32 and not FAT16.

I did read a review that said the larger cards would/are supported and in fact SanDisk show the N95 is being a compatible phone for their 4Gb cards.

Hollywood hinders HD DVD, Blu-ray hack


Ooops, they did it again

....looks like the hackers were simply waiting to see what the studios would do, and oops, they circumvented it completely.


Up yours DRM supporters!!

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