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Canadians go out clubbing

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Another Comment from based on lies

It's a funny feeling when you read someone say they wished you were dead for expressing a opinion. That was one of replies concerning my last comment on this discussion. The ironic part of this debate is that the obsession for violence seem to come mainly from the ones who complain about cruelty from others. Sealers do not not go onto the ice because is is fun. On the contrary it is a hard and dangerous way to make a living. For the fisherman in Newfoundland it is a matter of survival. With rapidly declining fish stocks and a lack of other industry these people are fighting for survival.

As for the cruelty of the hunt it is no more cruel then just about any other food related industry. When you buy your bacon do you worry about the fact that you paid for someone to hang a poor pig up in the air. Electrocute it until it is stunned but not killed and then has it's throat cut to drain the blood. That's how it gets that white color. When you paid for that chicken at the take out you indirectly paid for a poor animal to live it's entire life in a tiny metal cage in horrible conditions. How about that tuna you bought. Even when the tuna trawlers try to avoid them which is rarely dolphins still get scooped up with them and get to slowly die from suffocation while trapped.

The difference is that the baby seal is prettier then these other animals and people can create images intended to create a purely emotional response. I am not a cruel person. I don't hunt. I don't fish. The idea of killing a poor helpless animal horrifies me, but I eat the chicken, the tuna, and the pork. To me unless you are a vegetarian who refuses to wear any furs or leather to condemn the Newfoundland fisherman as cruel is the act of a hypocrite.



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