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The Guardian ditches Phorm

Ted Frater

Shooting yourself in the foot? Richard Branson?

Dear Richard Branson,

Your the head of 40 odd co's in your group.

If you go with Phorm on Virgin.net then I be very surprised if you dont add it to your other 39co's.

So If you do,

ill dump V.net

when Ifly to the USA it wont be with Virgin Atlantic,

it will be with BA,

If I buy records it wont be with Virgin Records,

it will be with HMV.

Get the message?

If your as bright as you seem,

youll dump Phorm as it will cost you dear througout your Group of Co.s.

Ive been with Virgin.net from the start, some 9? years,

and have had excellent service.

Dont throw it all away.

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