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Vyatta blows out Cisco routers with study

Robert White

Open Source Syndrome...

SO, it looks like Vyatta is kickin butts 'n takin names, all the flame warmongers wanna protect their lil CCNA and CCNP, you guys ever look at the CCIE? Nothin says "i can do it" like experience does - granted Vyatta is a relatively new company - but come on guys, its built on linux - yes, the same linux Cisco is building their shiny new UBER-ROUTERS on. Eventually Cisco will get on the bandwagon, but they need our help - they need the open source community to make them panic and make them feel like they are being left behind. So lets help "Wal-Mart" the entire IT industry by saying things like "Hey Vyatta, you ever see the features in Untangle or IPCop? You guys can work together to make a seriously advanced routing project that blows Cisco outta the water - or you can just grab the source code and implement yourselves" See, in open source land, the best product wins - not the most expensive... so we ALL win. It's the greatest accountability system ever created. <- wow you can totally tell im ADHD



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