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Trojan heralds OS X's 'new phase of exposure to malware'

Jon Gudmundson

@ David Kelly

"There are anti-virus programs for Macs. How many viruses do they protect against?"

Good question.

I've been administrating a Macintosh workplace for about as long as Mac OS X has come out, and for most of that time we've had site license to use Sophos Antivirus.

In a half-decade or so of Sophos being deployed on fifty-odd Macs, it has caught multiple copies of a harmless Word macro virus and scored false positives on an MS Office update (not-so-false positive?) and a couple of other legitimate program installers.

On the other hand, Sophos claims it will catch this particular trojan red-handed, so it's not totally worthless.

NGO attacks Apple's lack of action on climate change

Jon Gudmundson

Apple's Green Strategy

iTunes is Apple's contribution to the environment. Just imagine all the plastic waste which will be saved when CDs are dead.

Apple MacBook Air Early 2008

Jon Gudmundson

Re: Who cares about thinness?

Until folding displays become viable, if you want a laptop with a nice, visible 15" display and a comfortable keyboard, thin is the only dimension you can improve portability in.

And when it comes to portable computing, size isn't style, it's substance. It may not be the most important specification to you, but it is an important attribute.

Adobe opens Photoshop for freetards

Jon Gudmundson
Thumb Down

Throw my name on the pile...

... of people who want you to stop using the word "freetard." It makes me think thoughts of aggravated assault. I know you fancy yourselves to be 'punchy' and 'provocative,' but this word just makes you look like another internet douchebag shooting his mouth off.

Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

Jon Gudmundson

EULAs are already a mockery.

The fact that nobody has noticed this for months just goes to show how useless EULAs really are.

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