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What’s important in service management?

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@The Original Steve, Dave Watts


Thanks for your comments.

Part of this is about finding out what you guys at the sharp end think service management is, and the other is pulling a load of (hopefully useful) stuff together we've picked up on our travels, research projects and so on to get a conversation going around this big topic.

'What the fu£k is service management' and 'its about doing the job properly' seem like a pretty fair set of questions and answers to me. Half the battle is being able to talk about stuff that people 'just do' without really caring what it might be described as elsewhere. We're going to try to cover a whole bunch of stuff relating to this topic over the next few weeks so both your comments have already helped keep this on the ground. cheers, Martin


The BPM Buzzword Bonanza

martin atherton

@ Mister Cheese and everyone who commented so far

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments - a good spread but all tending in the same direction, as we suspected they might :-). I'm going to save them for the write up.

Ref Mr Cheese's comment: Its been a tough one to work out how best to word things to balance finding stuff out in the shortest amount of space versus making the questions short etc etc, so the point is well made and taken. We'll get some sarcastic options in there next time, although the open ended questions do provide that leeyway too :-) (we read every single one, seriously)




Ariane 5 and the Denver luggage handling system

martin atherton

a fine list of failures..

I did a quick search and found this which I used to colour the above article..some good stuff in here: http://infotech.fanshawec.ca/gsantor/Computing/FamousBugs.htm



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