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PayPal ambushes users with mystery Skype charges

Tony Makos

me too

Happened here as well - about 50 Euro mysteriously charged to my Paypal account by Skype last month. To be fair to Paypal they sorted it out very quickly but its worrying to hear that it's a widespread problem......

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling

Tony Makos

An upload limit?

That's a cheeky inclusion - there was no limit on upload at all until now....

This isn't easing off at all.

Palm offers free Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 upgrade

Tony Makos


Thanks for the warning about VBE - I was two minutes away from running the install.....


Tony Makos

appreciate your comments..

..but i don't think you can judge the film solely on a comparison to 2001. If anything it was more like its sequel 2010, an underrated film which sure, removes a lot of the mystique and esoteric nature of its predecessor but on this basis does therefore have more in common with the more down-to-earth (NPI)Sunshine.

I loved iti, despite a number of flaws. It was good to see 70s sci-fi alive and well in 2007, and a pleasure to go to the cinema and see something engaging and great to look at.

However, please stop comparing it to Mission to Mars - i'd rather jump into the sun myself than have to sit through that crap again.

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