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Baby Googles: The answer to the Chocolate Factory dominance?

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It will only be shutdown/broken up if it acts illegally or to restrict free enterprise*.

This is why MS go spanked and Apple has (so far) been left alone. One was a monopoly and acted illegally, the other wasn't.

You can argue that Google has a monopoly on "web search" and a few other techs. Whether or not it has acted illegally is up to the courts. Google has a choice:

--- Re-organise/re-structure to avoid the accusation; or

--- Fight it in court


*There are exceptions; cartels such as BPI, RIAA and MPAA who actively engage in restrictions on trade with impunity. And no, I do not mean cracking down on pirates. I mean, restricting free trade.

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"Is it costing me money? No, so why would I care?"

Because it costs you? Even if you value your privacy at zero (and it seems you do), it still costs you.

Company pays for ad.

That cost is recouped through prices.

Customers pay those prices.

You are a customer.

You have paid (in part) for that ad monetarily and by giving you privacy away for free.

Stop sexing up IT and give Civil Servants Macs, says gov tech boss

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Also, it is rarely (if ever) Linux that gets hacked. It's usually some poorly configured web application that has had the security set to "Ass out window, underpants optional".

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

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Well some digging around Launchpad got Unity working (install vanilla, update packages, install dkms, install vb-ose-x11 doofer - NOT the one provided by Oracle!)

And....yes. Great on a fondleslab is my guess, I can really see the potential there. Some nice UI features (not sure I like the Apple menu thingy though).

But for a desktop? That I have to work at each day? No. Takes too bloody long to find anything.

The complicated a UI gets, the more I feel the urge to become more proficient at the CLI.

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I'd like to be able to say "Yes"

But an install of the Natty beta into VirtualBox is not stable.

Without the guest additions, you can see the Window decorator crash.

With the guest additions it doesn't boot properly (can't get to the login screen).

From what I could see (before I put guest additions on) is that the basic Gnome is even more of an Apple rip-off. Obviously I can't comment on Unity as it doesn't run, but speaking to people who have used it the reviews are not good. Sort of a bastard love-child of iOS and Win7.

There again, change always scares people.

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...Disunity more like. Why do we need yet another sodding DE/WM/guff? Would it not have been better to throw some weight behind Gnome/KDE and help make them fit-for-purpose? I mean, at least Gnome is accessible to the optically different, unlike Unity!

Open Source is great. Choice is great.

But really, guys, have you never heard of "United we stand, divided we fall"?


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A bit obvious?


Ofcom forced to publish tests on dodgy radio kit

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Simple test

Did public money pay for the research?

Then the report and raw data must be made public.]

End of discussion.

Go Daddy CEO under fire for 'elephant snuff film'

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Is it problem elephants? Or problem people?

Have the elephants encroached on to the farmland, or has the farmland encroached into (or has farming drained the water and killed) the elephant's normal habitat?

Microsoft files monopoly complaint against Google

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It is amusing...

...how many people seem to support the near Communist totalitarianism that MS imposes on vendors. I would have thought that many readers would be in the USA and would support the free market, enterprise and survival of the fittest.

Guess I was wrong (or USA politics has taken a seismic shift at the grass-roots).

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We prefer FF to IE...

...that's for sure. And FF defaults to Google. Maybe we care more about our browser than we do about our search engine?

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Tell you what MS

YOU stop forcing OEMs to sell PCs with MS Windows and then we'll look at this search thing. However, it is much easier to switch from Google to Bing to whatever than it is to find a vendor who isn't forced to bundle your OS.

Google unleashes (another) Facebook knock-off

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Yes, you are missing the point. The point is to allow Google to increase their profile granularity and better target ads at you.

Unless you block the hell out of Google Ad Services etc.

Corporate hospitality is OK, says new Bribery Act guidance

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"spend their OWN money on going out?"

No - spend ours. Remember, the poor must subsidise those bars in Westminster whilst being told about the dangers of drink.

Air NZ safety vid provokes terror in the skies

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The pot...

...of course. I did say "£500 or so". Allow an error margin of 20%...

The BigYin

Simple answer

Add £5 to the ticket price.

All the £5s are collected into a pot (so £500 or so in the pot).

There are three questions to answer about the safety briefing.

All the answers get put into a hat.

First three correct entries drawn win part of the pot (£300, £200, £100).


Cabin crew are legally permitted to punch non-observers in the face.

Seriously people, it's sub-5 mins (not all aircraft are the same, equipment does get changed).

Oh, and one more thing: after landing, sit down until the light goes off. Can we legalise breaking people's legs too?

Nokia deal to 'rocket Windows Phone 7 past iPhone'

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Something's wrong with your eyes...

That -65% is the growth, not the absolute share.

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You're two days early

Unless there are some seriously dodgy back-room deals, Win7 won't grab that much. Mobile!=Desktop, MS cannot manipulate that market so easily. The sheer number of players, markets and the fact that fashion plays a big part are all against them stitching up the mobile market like they have done to the desktop PC market.

And look at the traction Android is getting beyond the phone (e.g. tablets). Sure, many of these devices are under-powered and not great, but these are companies doing it off their own bat and for CHEAP! Win7 won't be able to apply loads of proprietary and anti-competitive hooks as it won't work with other people's devices.

And these companies will get better and better at making competing products, innovating and sniffing out the market.

As for those bleating about "integration", with more being consumed via the browser (and assuming the apps are written to the standards and not proprietary extension) it matters not one whit the client OS. Also, if governments follow through on their threats and go F/OSS, then the barriers to entry and proprietary APIs (the only thing keeping MS entrenched) come tumbling down. People are then free to choose of capability and I am sorry, no one in their right might picks MS based on capability.

MS is the enforced choice due to lock-in. Not a choice made with freedom.

Labour MP debuts fondleslab-assisted Parliament oratory

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I thought that government advice was to use non-proprietary/open products? Seems like they can't follow their own rules.


Apple plays whack-a-dev after WWDC sellout

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A fool...

...and their money...

Nokia lobs more patent claims at Apple

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Who cares

Apple sues Google

Nokia sues Apple

LG sues Sony

Sony sues...

Look, guys. Get a clue. You are wasting more on lawyers than it would cost you to just ditch the patents and stop the bitch-fight.

Chinese firm accused of mobile malware ruse

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Unrequested applications...

...that are a cost to remove? Gosh. Who'd ever have thought of that?

Apart from Dell.

And HP.

And Toshiba.

And Sony.

And every other box shifter.

Marshall Islands prez 'legalises cocaine'

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On a second look...

...this looks a bit like the kind of thing the "Yes Men" would get up to.

The BigYin

They are...

...a week early.

Nintendo 3DS

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Business application?

Take a CAD drawing, generate the 3D model (probably on a server) and have the DS overlay that on to what it can see?

Might stop people making the turbine hall doors 1m narrower than the actual turbines....

Plane or train? Tape or disk?

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...can this entire article be summarised as "There is no one answer, pick what suits your particular needs"?

Ubuntu board rejects slippery Flash installs

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"open" != "free"

Just ask RedHat

The BigYin

The correct decision

For the new to Linux it is often annoying that MP3s, DVDs, Flash etc will not play on most distros. There is the 5 minutes of "This is utter crap! I am going returning to Windows. A pox on this backwards OS, get with the 21st century freetards!"

And then one finds that a script or an apt or a yum gets the missing bits.

Then one finds out why they are missing.

Then one begins to understand the poison that patents et al often are in IT.

Then one begins to avoid the proprietary formats as much as is possible (with pragmatic exceptions).

Given that FF4 just landed and FF (along with Chrome, Opera etc) all agree on what video formats to support, I can see an end to Flash on YouTube (once Google figures out how to insert ads). Certainly in the EU, IE is no longer the major browser and hasn't been for some time.

h264 is a patent minefield and should be avoided if possible. It is also a licensing boobtrap waiting to be sprung.

Microsoft's Novell patent pals return to SuSE's homeland

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There may be trouble ahead...

...but while there's lawyers,

And finance,

And patents,

And greed,

MS attacks Linux again.

Brian May stands up for Welsh badgers

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Nice idea...

...but cows, badgers etc are not dumb enough to smoke.

It takes a real moron to deliberately inhale carcinogens for "pleasure".

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No IT angle

It's filed under "Entertainment".

Do try reading, most people find it a pleasurable activity. Especially on a text-heavy website.

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...because the P.E. really knows its science. These are the Public School Toffs who went to bat in a big way for Wakefield. Really know their stuff, those Latin spouting P.E.-ers, oh my yes. :rolls-eyes:

The P.E. is OK for a bit of satire, politics and tasteless jokes, but for science? May as well read Fortean Times.

US gov opposes Microsoft in i4i patent spat

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I detect a high ferrous content in JaitcH's post.

The BigYin

As much...

...as I like seeing MS get a kick in the balls, there is no doubt that the USPTO is no longer fit for purpose. If a jury is not to question the crap that the USPTO approves, then who can? The state? Hardly, they will just follow the money.

Judges? Hardly, they will just follow the money.

USPTO? Hardly, these are idiots who got it wrong in the first place.

Software and business patents should be disallowed, and retrospectively cancelled. It's the only way to encourage development (yes, I did say that) and cut down on the costs involved. They only people who will squeal are the lawyers, but that's OK as they need a kick in the particulars just as much (if not more so) than MS.

BT, TalkTalk in court seeking axe for Digital Economy Act

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...who engaged with Phorm are worried about their dear wee customers? Pfft. It's the costs they care about, nothing more.

The only thing that is damaging Equity and BPI member's businesses is ther so-last-century business models (regional releases, region locking etc). Get with the program idiots, the Internet has no borders.

Firefox 4 debuts: The last kitchen sink release

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Get your router (or install a service) to not download the crap at source. I've still got to get around to this, but using the g/f's Mac at home is a nightmare with all the ads, pop-ups, highlighting, surveys and general crap that gets in the way of the content.

The web is on usable with NoScript, AdBlock, Flashblock, BetterPrivacy, CookieCuller and Ghostery all installed and running. Oh, and the odd Greasemonkey script.

These plugins are why IE (even 9) is a waste of space as a browser.

The BigYin


...why is the missus seeing your session? She can just move things around where she needs, or she can run a local copy of FF3.7. It's not hard on a decent OS.



You're using Windows aren't you?


The price of the average foaming tankard - in pictures

The BigYin


Are you stark-staring-bonkers? Home brew!

Duke Nuke goes misogynistic for multiplayer

The BigYin

Two words.

"Hot". "Coffee".


The BigYin


The Daily Hate? Nah, I await the Currant Bun getting in a strop over it.

"It makes young boys objectify women, seeing them as weak and little more than sex objects. Innit?" Many 23,36,28,34 (in pink thong).

Got nothing against the idea of a misogynistic lead myself ("Bond" anyone?) What would be cool would be a mod where you could have "Daisy Duke" Nukem run around and save the blokes. Would satisfy the misandrists out there.

Then a further mod where "Daisy Duke" saves the girls and where Duke saves the boys. The pink pound buys games too y'know.

I draw the line at either of the dukes saving sheep. That's just sick.

Osborne urged to end islands VAT-holiday by small-biz group

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Cuz Joe Blow/Wahid Ahmed who run your local IT shop/corner store can afford to operate their own warehouse on the Channel Islands. It's Joe and Wahid who realise profits in this country, pay taxes in this country and add to the social value of this country. The multi-nationals don't.

This law was meant to help flower sellers? Fine. Then change the law to explicitly state flowers!

Programmer gets 8 years for theft of stock trading software

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Do I understand this correctly?

Steal some code.

Social cost of crime: negligible.

Punishment? 8 years in jail.

--- Vs ---

Trade in dubious products, mis-sell loans, misrepresent assets, evade taxes, evade regulatory controls.

Social cost of crimes: massive to the point of being incalculable.

Punishment? None. Instead you get bailed out by the people you ripped off and can still pay yourself billions in bonuses.

Microsoft Kinect hacked to control the PS3

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How long before...

...Sony being a law suit for lost "Move" sales or something? Or by-passing security controls or some other clap-trap?

Fans face freezing Apple MacBook Pros

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...the latest Macs slammed for poor build quality? One comment being how the heat sinks etc were attached and the amounts of thermal past used?

[Not dig - genuine question]

Sapphire Edge HD

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Nice looking

Is it USB 3? Article does not seem to say. A big plus is that it is not encumbered with Windows, which would have just been too bloated for an efficiency demanding device such as this.

If it was for the frame drops (shouldn't happen at this price), this could make a good front-end when loaded with Myth, XBMC or simialr.

AT&T ends illicit handset tethering

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@Ammaross and @ Mechman

Well the answer is simple, isn't it? Don't sell "unlimited" if you cannot provide "unlimited". As I said, how the end user uses their bandwidth is no one's business but theirs.

So AT&T should perhaps just sell capped contracts (not this tethered/untethered crap). If people buy a 5Gb contract and blow it by letting their friends leech, then that is entirely their lookout. They should also be able to tether their phone to their own devices to avoid having to buy extra contracts and dongles just to get connection.

They want to re-sell? Still not a problem, so long as they have purchased enough down speed/data allowance to cope.

The BigYin

@david wilson

Thing is, the tap has been taken on the house side of the meter, so the extra gas is counted. The gas company should just charge the home owner for the total. Owner's problem.

If the gas company was dumb enough to sell at a flat rate with no caps, then it is the gas company's problem.

Unlimited means unlimited. Pure and simple. We should not let companies alter our language to suit their own needs. I have no issue with caps, just don't sell a capped/restricted/limited service as f***ing "unlimited".

The BigYin


But you insurance was not advertised as "unlimited", was it? How pissed off would you be if you bought "unlimited" insurance and then discovered weasel-words in the micro-print?

Unlimited is unlimited - don't sell it if you cannot provide it.

The BigYin

Sorry, what?

People pay for a service (the connection). So long as they do not exceed whatever the agreed limits are, how they use that service is no ones business but their own.

If they are exceeding, AT&T should just charge them more.

Saab-spotter blogger poached by the company

The BigYin

Two questions

1) Are you an architect?

2) Are you ignorant of what a "Vectra" is?

If you answered "Yes" to both, go buy a Saab.

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