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Feds unlock suspect's encrypted drive, avoid Constitution meltdown

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It's the same on any OS, easy enough to parse the logs and prove there is other data in the encrypted volume.

Unless one takes specific measures.

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If that's true, then that'll be the second public confirmation I've seen that TrueCrypt can be broken open.

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Any word...

...on the crypto that she used?

France: All your books are belong to us

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..., if it was even required, that Big Media is just out to screw the artist over.

Artists face various issues, and in order these are:

1. Obscurity

2. Big Media gatekeeper exploitation



10. Copyright infringement

Raspberry Pi signs big-name sellers

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Re: Re: Never trust a publicity junkie

"Now things are in the hands of established companies the situation will hopefully improve but early indications are they are little better themselves."

Actually....that's when they went down the toilet. I have vision of various RaspPi people slapping their foreheads and saying "Told you so".

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Re: Re: @Pete 2

"My TV runs linux, but it's still only a TV."

No...I think you'll find that it's a computer. Perhaps knobbled and DRM'd to hell, but a computer nonetheless.

"I have mini-ITX boards that sit on a bench and host Linux/Windows off a n/v RAM module - but they're not "computers" "

Err...yeah, they are. Windows is a general-purpose OS and (depending on the distro) so is GNU/Linux.

"The RPi is simply a component, in that it's uncased"

And the RaspPi peolpe have been hiding that fact under a rock have they? I disagrree on the "component". The CPU is a component. The USB controller is a component. The NIC is a component. Stick 'em all together (plus a few others) whatcha got? A computer!

"cannot work without additional, non-bundled, hardware"

Again - have they hid this fact from anyone. At all? If I unplug my keyboard, monitor etc from this desktop unit, does it cease to be a computer in your little world? How about the server which has or peripherals directly connected at all. Maybe I am hallucinating the fact it's perfectly functional (it came without media too).

"and is being sold to developers rather than to domestic users as an appliance in its own right."

Oh riiiiight. So just becaue geeks buy it, it's not a computer. FFS. A "computer" cover way more devices that an OEM beige box with bundled crap.

Stop digging that hole, it's in danger of collapse.

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Re: @James Hughes 1

I have a big stick you can borrow if you like. :)

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@James Hughes 1

"I'll check on the multiple order thing - if Farnell are doing that then they are breaking the contract."

I know of at least one person who did a bulk order through Farnell. Just 2 units, and that's for pre-orders.

Maybe that's OK, I don't know, I haven't seen the contract. But it is a further lack of consistency and is confusing to people with small brains (like me). If there is variation, you should make that clear and get your sellers to make it clear too.

Just how hard would it be for Farnell to say "Prices include shipping, only bulk pre-orders allowed" (or whatever the rules may be)

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Re: Re: @Jason

RaspPi != Beagle Board.

Unless you can show me a Beagle running Fedora/Debain, playing Quake and video.

I will agree it lacks peripherals (e.g. keyboard) as standard, but these are basic USB units that are easy to add.

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Re: Re: Re: @Bin Yin

Thanks for the clarification! It was really not obvious on their site (wish I could edit my post now)

On the site there are prices for 10+, but as the site is on i's ass just now it's kinda hard to test out.

Still, it's just another thing that adds to the confusion.

(Tiny brain, me)

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Ta much - I'd forgotten that. But still, RS really should make it clear.

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Re: @Bin Yin

"2) Prices should be exactly as advertised for the last 9 months - $25 and $35. (although Model A now has 256MB ram)"

Sorry, wrong. Farnell is now £26.55 (US$42). Tax may be payable on top of that.

(Their site is currently off-line)

"3) Farnell's agreement says they are only allowed to sell 1 board per person of this batch. If you can buy more then Farnell have made a mistake, not the Foundation."

Their site allows 10+ orders.

"5) This is a launch. By what definition is it not a launch?"

Both sites only allow pre-orders. Their site makes that perfectly clear "Model going into production immediately". Not built, can't be sold, not a launch. End of.

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Re: F**king Farnell

Indeed. Tranche 2 will probably been even more expensive as they exploit supply/demand. I doubt RaspPi has much control over what they charge. So that's now US$42 for a model B (probably nearer US$50 as I don't think those sites include VAT).

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Epic PR disaster

1) RS don't tell you which model you are registering an interest for

2) Farnell list the model B under two different prices (and seems to be 20% more expensive than RS)

3) Farnell will let you buy up to 10 (so much for one customer, one board)

4) The units are available to be shipped

5) This was not a launch, just a licensing deal (which means higher prices for the consumer) and could have just gone out as a PR piece.

RaspPi - you screwed the pooch totally on this one. After such good work on hype and tease, you come out with this?

IT staffers on ragged edge of burnout and cynicism

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Basic economics

New staff (i.e. grads) are cheaper than existing staff.

So let them burn-out and simply hire new meat for the grinder.

This works are all staff, in all disciplines, in all sectors.

This doe not apply to any level of executive management who have to shoulder real stress and carry real risks. This is why they deserve their salaries, bonuses etc.

Now stop reading this post and get back to work!

Sony Xperia converts flash motors into fancy remotes

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't think VNC offered any kind of encryption and only used basic password security (and said password is transmitted in the clear). Doesn't that leave the phone open to attack?

Roku 2 XS IPTV player

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Well that's no big, seeing as it is a very loose standard (to the point of useless) but can the Roku stream anything over Ethernet? e.g. if I have subsonic installed, can it use that? Or Samba shares? Or something else?

Not being able to stream from the local network is an epic fail IMHO.

Intel joins The Document Foundation, pushes LibreOffice

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Intel is pushing LibreOffice

Oz is mumbling about Open Standards

The EU grumble periodically about Open Standards

Hungary (and the Dutch?) have got for ODF.

Is the panic beginning to set in at Redmond?

MP allegedly cuffed after scrap in Commons bar

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http://www.techdirt.com/skyisrising/ and a TechDirt follow-up article

Swiss report

Wilkinson thanks sharers

Time and again it has been shown that people downloading/sharing has no impact on sales.

In fact it can be a boon to struggling artists and independents.

The RIAA, BPI, MPAA etc do not like this news as it affects their members by reducing their role as the gatekeepers.

I understand that some people will be upset at their work being shared, and these people will have slightly less money on their piles of millions but here's a suggestion; maybe they were never really worth millions in the first place. Maybe when a truly free market sets a value, they just can't handle the truth.

Companies that do not innovate should fail, not get to set new laws to entrench their business models.

And if all you can do is respond with ad hominems, perhaps it's better you not respond at all or keep your comments switched off.

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@Mad Mike

If they earn 10k they say it should have been 100k. Evil pirates!

If they earn 100k they say it should have been 1M. Evil pirates!

If they earn 1M they say it should have been 10M. Evil pirates!

Repeat to ∞

The BigYin

"piracy funds illegal muslim house prices under sharia law."

Piracy may well do. Copyright license infringement? No so much.

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Re: Not this old chestnut again

Also, various studies have shown that unlicensed downloads have no affect on sales.

Further more, the industry is doing just fine.

That majors? Oh, well, they are suffering but that's their own fault (hence ".music" etc. and having laws enacted so that they can act as gatekeepers to culture).

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More alcohol fueled violence

Given the crackdown the government wants to see on excessive boozing and related issues, perhaps for the first time ever they should lead by example; move their private (subsidised, no less) bars to soft drinks only and ban all alcohol from Westminster.

But no - "Do as we say, not as we do"

(Cheers for allowing comments, Andrew)

Pirate Bay AND its users violate labels' copyright - judge

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Re: Buy your media secondhand

And this is the point of UltraViolet, On-line digital content etc. It kills the second-hand market.

Stallman was right.

Apple lands slide-to-unlock patent blow on Motorola

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Re: Re: Re: So next time I undo the bolt on my door

"a safe dial"? NAY! This is electronic and thus totally patentable. Hush, you!

In fact....I'll patent an arbitrarily sided polygon.

The sad thing is...some lawyered arsewipe will probably patent my "original" idea and make bazillions, despite the fact it is utterly without merit.

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Re: So next time I undo the bolt on my door

This, in spades.

The concept of a bolt being thrown/retracted to lock/open something is very old news. Just because a graphical idiom is used to perform the action electornically should not be patentable in any sane work.

Copyright the graphics used? Yes, up to a point (one slidey button thing is going to look pretty similar to other slidey button things)

Trademark it? Hrmm...maybe but doubtful.

Patent? No - sod off.

I have an idea...I am going to patent a "tumbler" graphic that one rotates left/right to enter a code that unlocks the device. No one has ever done that before. There is no prior art. The patent is all mine. ALL MINE!!!!!!!!

Microsoft licensing hike sparks UK piracy, bankruptcy fears

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Especially...

Command Line? Install Webmin for point-click MS monkeys.

Two thirds of Brits crippled by mobile phone loss terror

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The two step programme

1) Install Prey

2) Relax.

Hope I'm allowed this link (I'm just a user of their freebie service, no other connection etc etc).


Forgetting a phone is a PITA, but unless you are a doctor on call (or similar) it's not a big issue, so just relax and enjoy a peaceful life for the next few houra.

UK cops cuff suspect after RnBXclusive takedown

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Re: Interesting story on the BBC

Ah, I must be imagining this

A lag of 15 mins is not that bad and not a conspiracy. The news will hit different sources at different times.

Calm down dear, it's only a website.

Europeans turn backs on Ultrabooks

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And with a matte screen, please!

The BigYin

Prices are dropping?

Since when? I am still waiting for an affordable, decent spec netbook (never mind notebook).

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine

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Things happen...

...and maybe this person with papers was going to be working from home, or going to court the next day; there's a few reasons they could have had that information on their person.

But in a pub? Really?

Here's a quick policy:

"Use the secure VPN to access electronic documents.

In certain cases you may remove restricted electronic material on encrypted media (do not carry the key with you at the same time).

If hardcopies are removed, these must be signed out to you and you must directly go from one secure location to another (which may include your home or other official location).

Failure to follow this policy will be considered gross negligence leading to summary dismissal.

Any orders to not follow this policy are void."

If they had been mugged at the train station trying to get home, that would be unfortunate and they're not to blame. But seriously...the pub?

Either sack the person responsible or sack manager (if they didn't impress upon the employee the need to take basic precautions).

Muscle pants give girls that skin-stripped look

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With all the patent/copyright suits doing the rounds just now, how long before Black Milk gets sued?

Consider Mario Cipollini's prior art

Apple demands US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

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To the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine"

Build a bonfire,

Build a bonfire,

Put the patents on the top,

Put lawyers in the middle,

Then burn the flippin' lot.

Germany stalls over ACTA treaty ratification

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But, but, but, but

ACTA is worthless, there is nothing to fear. Mr. Orlowski said so, right in the august organ so it must be true!

UK.gov: We really are going to start buying open-source from SMEs

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@AC at 10:32

You forget one thing - the local company can't provide the same "support" and "fact finding missions" to the MPs and civil servants.

Decisions are not based on what is best for the public/country, but which offers the bureaucrats involved the most benefit (either monetary of fiefdom gain).

I note that Hungary is booting out proprietary formats/systems, good to see.

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Note to self

Save file as .odt, it magically becomes editable.


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Just like they were going to use open standards.

(I just downloaded some documents from the ICO to lodge a complaint. They are Word format and password locked, so I can't use them. Yeah....that makes sense)

iRobot Warrior-bot goes on sale this Spring

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Am I the only one...

...who is waiting for Apple to try an sue these guys?

New forum Wishlist

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@I ain't Spartacus

Ok, fine. I'll sign up for that.

Right after El Reg put a Kick-bot 9000 in Andrew's office.... :)

The BigYin

I guess that was aimed at me

As I said, I didn't mean to literally give Andrew a kicking. I mean in the figurative sense, i.e. attack his arguments.

And I like the way to propose to oppose violence against the person with, err, violence against the person. :-S

The BigYin


Meant to say - what about a boiler-plate footer?

"Due to the immature threats from a few knuckle-draggers, commenting on this author's articles is dsabled until further notice"?

The BigYin

Hang on...

...people wanted to give Andrew a kicking in the literal sense? Jeez.

The BigYin


LOL! I didn't know you'd posted that otherwise I'd've just added a "Me too".

I think a footer explaining why Andrew does not allow comments is at least required. Although he's so pro Big Meeja that's he's probably afraid of the kicking he would get.

Dear CIA robot and Canadian police: I mean "kicking" in the figurative sense, I am not about to pop down to El Reg Towers, drag Andrew into the street and lay the boot it.

The BigYin

Andrew Orlowski

I'd like to be able to comment on his articles, but I can't. Why not?

He's the only El Regtard where one can't?

If there is some deep and meaningful reason for this, can a footer be added so we know why? It's probably been mentioned why, but I must have missed the memo.

Heathrow facial recognition tech stalled by borders fiasco

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Raspberry Pi ship date slips

The BigYin

@AC at 15:33

The RaspPi people didn't choose to manufacture in China, the UK government forced them to. They actually wanted to fab in the UK, but the import duties on the components meant that wasn't viable (taxes would have killed all profit) - so they had to go to China to get the fabbing done.

Is it any wonder that our economy is in the current mess then our own government is actively attacking local manufacturing?

Upgrade eliminates Atlantis from Google Earth

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@Gordon Fecyk

I appear to be seeing blue. Lots of it.

iPhones yanked from German shelves in Motorola patent war

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For the love of god

Get all the patents in a pile;

Add kerosene;

Set the pile ablaze;

Once the smoke clears, get on without all the bullshit.

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