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Hackers could turn your smart meter into a bomb and blow your family to smithereens – new claim

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Physical security?

> The physical security of the meter is strong

What? It's on the outside of the house in a non-locking enclosure. There is NO physical security!

Google's .bro file format changed to .br after gender bother

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Re: Seriously?

Isn't that the Twitter archival format?

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And yet...

...we already have .ms, .she, .las, .grl, .sis, dol, .gal and even .vag

Where is the outrage over those? Oh yeah, they're just file extensions and no sane person gives a flying shit.

UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends

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Re: F**king Madness

"I enter the password for the guest network for them."

I have a QR code with the details on it as well. Android users can just zap the QR code, iPhone users and type it in.

Lonely Pirate cheers on Big Copyright-bashing EU commissars

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Re: It's pretty obvious

"Sky (still) get your money, you get (I assume) a better mix of programming for you."

Company sells package A in country 1 for X. Company also sells package A in country 2 for Y. X is 2Y. The company wants to sell as many at price X as possible because there is more profit.

Geo-locks are one tool that lets them do this. So the company will get upset if that is removed. Under TTIP they would probably sue the countries involved (and win).

It seems that "free trade" only applies to the seller, not the purchaser.

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Re: It's pretty obvious

"There is also the competition aspect, why should you pay more when the content is available elsewhere for cheaper."

That's true of everything, but the companies want one-way free trade. i.e. they can sell everywhere, but you can only buy where the company decides.

Which isn't free trade at all.

The BigYin

It's pretty obvious

The harder you make it for people to use legal services, the more they look elsewhere.

Here is my money. I *want* to give you my money. Why won't you let me?

Microsoft drops Do Not Track default from Internet Explorer

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MS was right for once

DNT should be the default. Just like "no mail from you or third parties" should also be the default.

But in this age of privacy invasion, they are not.

Hence more people use ad-blockers etc and the advertisers make life worse for themselves.

Facebook 'violates Euro data law' say Belgian data cops' researchers

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Re: Protect yourself

Doesn't matter, you are simply another "negative profile" unless you take active measures.

The BigYin
Big Brother

Protect yourself

Run BetterPrivacy, NoScript etc. Also - https://adblockplus.org/blog/about-that-facebook-tracking-thing

Microsoft eyes slice of Raspberry Pi with free Windows 10 sprinkled on top

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Been nice knowing the RasPi

Embrace has begun, we all know what stages come next.

Turbocharged quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 unleashed, global geekgasm likely

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Re: Competitors dead in the water?

I see that @"Voland's right hand" is another person who completely and utterly misses the *entire point* of a RasPi.

German minister photo fingerprint 'theft' seemed far too EASY, wail securobods

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Re: In a sane world

"the nail in the coffin of fingerprint authentication, at least of the cheap variety."

I suggest you rent and watch the "Mythbusters" episode where they do fingerprints (and some other security methods)...the results are hilariously troubling.

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Re: Worse than just data loss

"But surely every police force has a sufficiently trained and funded CSI team who can analyse DNA from the slightest speck and match it within minutes through a national database which is so fast and efficient it even flashes up the mug shots of each sample it's matching against."

Almost, which is why the smart crooks poison the scene by dropping items they have collect from random places. In the TV show the evil-doers had a "DNA-bomb" device to poison the evidence; how long before we see that in the real world?

The BigYin

Re: Agreed

Yes. Well, it certainly shouldn't be taken as proof of identity - instead part of some greater whole. The general mantra is "something you have, something you know".

Biometrics are pretty simple for people and, as with many things in security, ease of use is inverse to strength of security.

Euro consumers have TOO MUCH choice – telco operators

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3 or 4? No

Just look at the state of things in the USA. We don't want such a small number of operators, we need true competition.


We need legislation to ensure that the networks are open to all comers and that it remains possible to a new player to enter should incumbents try to gouge customers.

Randall Munroe: The root nerd talks to The Register

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Re: Monetization!

Maybe he makes enough to be happy? Work-life balance and all that.

The BigYin

Re: Ring

El Reg: Tell me about your private life

Randall Munroe: [Proffers ring-finger, keeps schtum]

El Reg: sudo Tell me about your private life

Randall Munroe: Not in sudoers, this has been reported.

It's BLOCK FRIDAY: Britain in GREED-crazed bargain bonanza mob frenzy riot MELTDOWN

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Re: Dear corporate Britain

The sale isn't the issue, the day is.

I also have the quaint idea that retail stores should open 1200-2000, rather than 0900-1700. This woyld give them better overlap with their customers. Also, it would partially alleviate rush hour.

I did look at a few black slaes after work, but anything of interest was either not on sales, or only a couple of pounds off; no mega-deals.

The BigYin

Dear corporate Britain

Take this Yank import and ram it up yer arse.

Today is a workday and it's bloody stupid to have a mega-sale when most of your customers are at work.

I have bought nothing today, nor do I intend to.

Blade Runner sequel might actually be good. Harrison Ford is in it

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Who says Deckard is subject to the same rules of the other replicants? Deckard doesn't even know it's a replicant, perhaps the termination wasn't engineered in; or maybe the one we see is simply one of many Deckards.

The BigYin

> is Deckard a replicant?


UK PM Cameron says Internet must not 'be an ungoverned space'

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First things first

Start by governing Westminster, the Lords, finance, tax evasion **AND THEN** the net (if you really must).

But no. That'd hit your paymasters too hard, wouldn't it?

Google will have to WAIT and SEE if I fine them - EU antitrust chief

The BigYin

We need...

Search Neutrality!

TalkTalk's 'unbeatable signal strength' and 'fastest Wi-Fi tech' FIBS silenced by ad watchdog

The BigYin

Re: ASA...

Government regulation isn't about actually doing anything, it's about being seen to do something.

Keeps the proles happy.

EU battles over 'anti-terrorist' passenger records slurper law

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Re: Lesson from Yes Minister

"No self-respecting terrorist (well: one who hopes or expects to walk away from an "incident") would give up the goods that easily and therefore the only data they will collect will be from harmless individuals and private citizens with no nefarious intent."

AIUI, the terrorists who flow into the WTC made no effort to hide the identifies. So these measures would have been ineffective anyway as no one joined the dots.

Or maybe they did, and let it happen. /tin-foil-hat

The BigYin

Why ask?

Surely the security services have all the zero-days and hack in place, they can simply take the data they need.

Or just demand the data under secrecy.

Million Mask March: Anonymous' London Guy Fawkes protest a damp squib

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Re: Morons

"Other Great Socialism"? You mean the USA? The banking bail out was probably the greatest socialist action for many decades.

A capitalist society would have let them fail.

Why Comrade Cameron went all Russell Brand on the UK’s mobile networks

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Re: Kill two birds with one stone

They sort-of have those y'know; http://www.altaerosenergies.com/

Wouldn't take too much to bung some wireless connectivity in them as well.

The BigYin

"Most useful remedy might be to simply provide more information to the public on call quality."

You could probably use an FoI to OfCom to get that, whole will then refuse under "Commercial Confidentiality".

The one thing a Tory government does not want is more openness and the possibility of being scrutinised by the public. Not that Labour would be any better. Both cut from the same cloth.

The BigYin

So he admits he doesn't care about the public

People moan about the fractured nature of the mobile space in the UK, this upper-crust, Etonian old-boy doesn't give two damns.

He has a problem with one or two calls and all hell lets lose.

Maybe if his pension funds collapse or his back mis-sells him some insurance he'll begin to give a crap about regulating the financial sector.

Until then, it'll be the usual "Piss off, prole" attitude from the Tories.

Spaceplane fan sips sweet nectar from LOHAN's copious cup

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Re: Nice

Ah, thanks! Must need more coffee - really didn't follow the 5g thing.

The BigYin


But why does the recipe mention "Brewer's sugar" twice? 1kg and then 5g?

BBC clamps down on illicit iPlayer watchers

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Re: Oh jesus feck BBC....

Everything that relied on the RSS feeds is broken. Everything. Your set-top box, your brand new Smart TV. Everything.

get_iplayer has been patched. Dunno about anything else.


The BigYin

Re: Well get_iplayer has already worked around it

Jolly good. I shall await the updates hitting the repos.

The BigYin

Re: Smart TVs too

"but steadfastly refuses to produce a stable API that would allow connected device manufacturers (and everyone else) to build and maintain their own clients at their own expense."

Because the BBC is run by technology ignorant middle managers who are only interested in expanding their fiefdoms than providing an actual service to the public.

iPlayer could become a reference implementation and the community could pick up the slack. This would allow any OS, any device to be supported that the community saw fit.

As to unflashable TVs...that's a matter for OEMs. Consumers can help by simply not buying a TV that they can't upgrade or install new software on. Which is all of them at the moment!

The BigYin

Re: Sad...

I would like to posit that tools such as "get_iplayer" actually reduced piracy. People simply used the community tool to connect to the legitimate service.

Now what is the easiest option for the dedicated BBC viewer going to be?

Fart around in a browser or with the specific desktop application (no available for all OSs)....or use a plug-in for their current media front-end that pulls content from other sources?

The BigYin

Re: Smart TVs too

The answer is simple: buy a new TV.

Welcome to the future, please ensure your wallet it open and ready to be emptied.

The BigYin

Oh jesus feck BBC....

...I am an avid user of XBMC (now "Kodi") as it is *the best* media front-end bar none. Why don't I use a browser? Because a browser on the TV is feckin' crap, that's why!

Why don't I use the "Smart" features of my TV? I don't have a "Smart" TV, but even if I did I would still use XBMC as it link to the other content on my network.

Why don't I use iPlayer on the set-top box? Because for some STUPID reason, it doesn't allow me to watch films.

Do I download videos via the iPlayer plug-in? No, I just watch 'em and move one.

If you are upset with "get_iplayer" etc, why not take some of the energies you just wasted in going and write something better for XBMC et al.

edit: There are workarounds it seems. Hopefully the community will deliver what the BBC refuses to (despite the BBC being paid millions to provide a service).

I wonder when the BBC will start trying to detect VPN usage....

‘For the love of Pete, America, learn about decent chocolate’

The BigYin

Spotted Hershey's in a shop recently

Whatever you do, don't buy it. Buy a candle instead.

The candle will taste nicer.

Doctors urged to adopt default opt-out approach to care.data scheme

The BigYin


No, won't happen. There's no profit in an opt-out default for the Tory's and Labour's pay masters.

Next you'll be expecting the Tories and Labour to put the needs of the country before the needs of tax evading multinationals!

Son of Hudl: Tesco flogs new Atom-powered 8.3-inch Android tablet

The BigYin


Can it be rooted/jailbroken? I wonder if there is a new ROM for it.....

Apple, Google mobe encryption good news... for TERRORISTS – EU top cop

The BigYin

Screw him

He and his cronies made people fear their own governments, now he reaps the response.

Data entry REAR-END SNAFU: Weighty ballsup leads to plane take-off flap

The BigYin


Feck me. Does that include carry on?

I'm just shy of 2m, so taller than average, and I'm 85kg, not exactly trim either. Are we really becoming so obese that 87kg is the normal weight?

Racing Post escapes ICO fine after leaking info of 677K punters

The BigYin

Re: It was a commercial company that screwed up...

Indeed, just like banking. Can't interrupt criminals at work.

Why there isn't a flat fee per individual I don't know.

Non-identifying info - £1 per record

Communication info [cyber] - £2 per address

Communication info [real] - £5 per number

Identifying info [minor] - £10 per record (e.g. name and city - probably not enough to be truly unique)

Identifying info [reversible] - £50 per record (e.g. when combined with another readily available dataset, it become trivial to uniquely identify a person; name, postcode, d.o.b)

Identifying info [full] - £100 per record (without reference to any other dataset, it is possible to uniquely identify someone)

Add in some other entries for financial etc and you can simply calculate a fine, which could well be ruinous even for a small breach (e.g. "Racing Post" could have been on to a £6.7million pound fine). AND THAT'S A GOOD THING!


Well, it will make companies seriously consider if they need to collect that information at all; rather than just doing the data-rape land-grab they do now.

Pay to play: The hidden cost of software defined everything

The BigYin

Re: You have bought the device

The disc is yours, the movie/song on it isn't.

The BigYin

Re: This is real "free" software

I know you put free in quotes, but as "Free Software" is already an actual thing (and not as restrictive as "Open Software" can sometimes be) I think we need a new term for this.

The BigYin

> If the agreement you have committed to with a supplier includes limitations

Which is an argument for Free Software, no limitations can be imposed.

In fact the only "limitation" (if you want to call it that) is to preserve the freedom of any subsequent derivatives you release.

> for example, some "free" software disallows its use for military purposes.

Then, by definition, it's not free software.

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