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Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house

Steve Bennett


What's the intended uplink for these meters to talk back to Big Brother?

Is a BT line going to become a requirement for electric and gas supply? I ditched my phone a decade ago.

Home Office hands over £50m for police mobile devices

Steve Bennett

how much?

Let's get this right, £50 million, for 10 thousand devices? So that's five grand each? What kind of PDA costs £5K, and how is a plod going to use it?

Or (more likely) is that £5 million to buy them each a Crackberry and £45 million for the insultants fees? I don't see that this is a good use of our taxes...

Of laptops and US border searches

Steve Bennett


Maybe I'm being naive, but AFAIK copyright law applies, even at border controls.

So they can look at your data, but they cannot make copies of it.

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