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Vista SP1 downloaders bite back


Works fine on ASUS 512 ATI 2GB Vista Home Premium laptop

Having seen many a BSOD, I installed WU SP1 and found it to work flawless, but remembering days of past horrors. At first I hated Vista on an underpowered HP laptop and sold it on ebay within 3 weeks of buying last fall. I upgraded my wifes laptop for XMAS and found see made the transition with no problems. She is my beta tester. I even got Office 2000 to work including Outlook. So I thought I would give Vista another shot and prices were reasonable compared to Apple. I thought I would make the switch, but did that in 2003 and it only lasted 6 months. I couldn't live with out a 2 button mouse and shareware. Besides I am still running 2000 Advanced Server on my desktop. So having given Vista another try, I like it and SP1 went with out a hitch. All programs still work. Looking to live with Vista for at least 5-7 years, after all, I got 6 good years from XP. Maybe the world isn't as bad as it could be, but it is getting better. Looking forward to the next 8 years of maybe some Peace on Earth and a kinder and gentler MS with touch screen. Google should buy Apple. Love the one your with and the love you give will be returned in the end. Open source is great if you have the time, but my time is of too much value. Leave it to those who burn the midnight oil, my time has passed. Peace


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