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Apple misses self-imposed Windows 7 boot camp deadline

John Bracken

Magic Mouse?

... everything works fine except for the Magic Mouse. Plug a USB mouse in and the whole thing works fine.

John Bracken

Cupertino versus Redmond (and Armonk)

Microsoft = shift software on as much tin as they can at a high margin. Microsoft don't give a toss about the hardware ... just the license seat. Don't worry about the optimization. Unfortunately for Redmond this margin has been rapidly eroded over the last 2-3 years with Open Source and Apple's move back into mainstream on the back of all things i Series. Another problem Redmond has is the sheer number of lines of code it has to write to support all adapters on all motherboards on the x86, x64 and Itanium platforms.

Apple = shift hardware at a high margin with the added bonus of a trusted OS and the backing of mainstream tech bods. Apple get double bubble. Apple only have to support their line of hardware in code and can control it. Apple's model is like IBM's with Mainframes/Z and P series kit. Apple won't port Mac OS to standard Wintel because that is one of their trump cards. Macs are bought for Mac OS. Port it and my £200 PC will run it.

I buy a PC now to play a FPS type game and I can pick up a 4 core i5 with OS for about £400. I've just paid £2000 for an iMac 27". Six years ago I paid a similar amount of money for a Dell XPS. I wouldn't pay over £400 for a Wintel box now. All my Wintel boxes run Linux in a VM for real work or I use Cygwin in a CMD prompt. For games my current bent is that I'd just buy a Xbox or PS/3 and be done with it and use the iMac for work and proper stuff and the Wintel machines are now becoming delegated file servers. Machines with SATA slots I can plug terabytes into. The Wintels are still there but I'm in the process of deprecating them. Only one has a screen plugged in - the rest are VNC'd. When you buy a Mac, it's not just the aesthetics and the hardware. Other vendors can do that but Apple have complete control of the OS AND the Hardware.

Windows 7 is an improvement but I still find that its Networking and collaboration is still way, way behind its natural predators. DirectX improvements in 7 over Vista are noticeable but all the other business type bug bears of Vista are still manifest. In short - if you want games - buy a Xbox with a Win 7 Directx update on it.

It speaks volumes that the Magic Mouse is the only thing I've found to fail on Win7 Bootcamp. Why would Apple want to write a driver for it? The Touch tablet mouse is a great selling point for the latest line of Macs and Snow Leopard. The Mini Div port too - why do you think there is no DVI support there? They want you to plug a new Mac Book Pro in there ... not an ageing PC with DVI out and an Uber graphics card. HDMI support? Apple are not soft. They know their target market and it is Dicks like me who know how to dot the i's and cross the t's How to put this stuff together themselves and assemble a barnstormer of a machine ... as I said they know their target market. They know I'd just buy a Mac. I've owned one since 1987. They know their market and no matter how low their place went under Sculley ... the fanbois still kept buying ... then came the i Series :-)

John Bracken

Bootcamp Windows 7 support.

It all works well apart for the Magic Mouse support which is sporadic at best. It works fine in a VM but if you want to see how your favourite FPS works on an i7 with 8GB of RAM and 4 cores with 2 threads per core, you really don't want to be doing that on VMware Fusion, as good as it is, it just puts another level of abstraction there and graphics are always where VMware falls down. The latest update to V3 of Fusion is good but .. no cigar when it comes to Frame rates on the latest Wintel games.

If you ditch the Magic Mouse and use a standard USB mouse and implement the well documented ATI driver fix then all is well but ... I want to use the Magic Mouse - don't see why I need two mice connected to my new iMac.


British youths think Churchill went to moon

John Bracken
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My favourite Churchill quote

One night in the House of Commons, Churchill, after imbibing a few drinks, stumbled into Bessie Braddock, a corpulent Labour Member of the Commons from Liverpool. An angry Bessie straightened her clothes and addressed the British statesman.

"Winston," she roared. "You are drunk, and what’s more, you are disgustingly drunk."

Churchill, surveying Bessie, replied, "And might I say, Mrs. Braddock, you are ugly, and what’s more, disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow," Churchill added, "I shall be sober."

A cut and paste from another website, with a tad of embellishment.

I read this when I was at Primary school, well maybe not the exact syntax, Hey, I was under 10 but the semantics stuck. They taught Roman Latin and Ancient Greek then, too.

I remember it because it made me laugh. Still, I'm sure a lot of people on this board would object.

I still find it funny.

It's not Neil or Edwin/Buzz you should remember - it's Michael. He lamented that nobody would remember his name; so I made a point of remembering it. So have many others.



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