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MS confirms European Xbox 360 price cuts

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Tis a good deal

The 360 just has better games than the PS3 at the moment. I've been planning on getting one for about a year, but being a poor student have been unable to afford it, even with MS making it cheaper two or three times. Also the new chipset & CPU process should make it a little more reliable, as my mate's older model does make quite an annoying noise.

Hmm, maybe if I put off buying one till January it'll be £150 for the pro one.

UK electricity crisis over - for now


@ Chris Walker

Firing nuclear waste into the sun is all well and good, bit of a problem when the rocket goes wrong as they invariably do.

Also another problem with nuclear (even though it is the best solution) is that we need Uranium from somewhere, and then just beholden ourselves to other foreign governments who are currently a little easier to get on with, like Nigeria.

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii


Opera Wii

You don't have to pay for Opera if you got your console in the first 6 months though (Which admittedly was a little difficult unless you like standing out in the cold at midnight).

BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy


School computers

The BBC Micro was ace, though admittedly it does say something about my Primary school that I was still using them in 1997, and when the new Acorn came in I had to teach all the teachers how to use the damn thing.

I still remember running about the school trying to find a formatted disk so I could save this program I'd spent most of the day typing (the rest of my class were not so good at maths, so the few of us that were could go and play "educational" games with the computers), and I couldn't find a disk anywhere. Then when I got one it corrupted overnight, damn old technology.

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