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Molesworth and the New Latin

Mike Plowman


Even funnier than the comments of dullards who clearly never read Molesworth.

This needs to become a weakly kollum!



Court: iPod hearing loss your fault, not Apple's

Mike Plowman

About time!! New firmware?

Dores this now mean that those of us who are stuck with the new Ipod Classic's pathetic volume limitation might reasonably expect a firmware update that might make it possible to hear music over average traffic noise.

My ears. My music. My choice if I want it loud.

Apple, give me the colume I should have had!!!


MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

Mike Plowman

Er, excuse me. I'd like to buy a copy of Windows Seven,

Bloody hell. And I thought it was hard getting the staff's attention in PC World was hard!


El Reg in Street View drive-by snooping

Mike Plowman

Live Google Car Update site

What we really need is a live update site where people can text in when they have spotted a Google car, like tha paparazzi's have in the US for knowing where celebs have popped up.

This would enable Reg readers to hotfoot it to the area if they were close by and attempt to get snapped with silly face, trousers down, simulating sexual activities etc.

Come on Register, how about a prize for any reader who can manage to get themselves on Uk Streteview pic holding a a Register Logo?


Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1

Mike Plowman

It's alright

Installed SP1 yesterday. Right off the only real problem I've had with it was cured. I have to routinely move and copy thousands of image files and it was a jot to select a couple of hundred meg and not have Vista sit there for ten minutes before telling me it would take 3 days or so.

I'm on a HP HDX Dragon laptop so, thanks to them not having XP drivers for much of the hardware and a locked bios, am stuck with Vista. Thankfully it's a pretty pwerful piece of kit and runs Vista very smoothly, unlike older machines I tried it on. It's still anoying though when in XP if I copies files over older versions it would just asked replace all? one click, done. now it asks copy and replace? but with a tick box for apply to all items. So I have to make 2 mouseclick instead of one. Quelle improvment. Way to go Billy Boy.

Did the perfoemance test thing yesterday and got a lowest score of 4.7 which was for hard disk. Checked speeds when copying from master to slave and was getting around 1.4MB a sec. Is that good or bad? I supose at 4.7 it must be good but it doesn't seem fast to me.

Ah well, thank heavens for Virtualbox so I can still run a couple of legacy VPN applications in XP.

Whatever else is in SP1 God knows, I don't see any real difference other than the fiile copying starting the same hour as you ask it to.



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