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IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz

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Re: For the wary....

Given that IPv6 permits multiple addresses per interface, you can configure the link local address either be assigned statefully (statically) or statelessly (auto generated), similarly the Unique Local Unicast can be assigned statefully (statically) or statelessly (auto generated) and like the Link Local are non routable addresses. In the same Global routable addresses can be assigned statefully or statelessly. Should stateful assignment be selected then this includes manual assignment or DHCPv6. Unfortunately configuring the computer system to do this is generally not just a tick box for each of the address types; which is more a limitation of the operating system and not the IPv6 standards

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Re: *very* few IPv6-supporting domestic & SME router firewalls

Billion BiPAC 7800 ADSL+ Dual WAN router is cheap router which supports IPv6 and it is possible to tweak the ADSL modem settings to maximise performance. Since upgrading and tweaking the modem settings I have never failed to get the maximum connection rate. The Ethernet WAN connection will allow connection to VDSL or Fibre modems.

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Re: Uhm....

Site Local addresses fec0::/10 deprecated in favour Unique Local Unicast due the problem of defining a site. The relevant description is cover in RFC 3879 which covers the addressing range fc00::/7

Desktop Colour Laser Printers: Best Buys

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OS agnostic printing

After being responsible for buying printers for over ten years, printer drivers, running costs and a good standard of printing have become key purchasing decisions (network and duplex support being mandatory requirements). Being able to print from a diverse set of computers and operating systems reduces support calls and complaints from management. Low running costs keep Accounts from making complaints about the consumables budget, while a good standard of printing (improved printing speed and quality compared to previous printer) and everyone is happy.

I have found that buying a printer which is capable of printing PCL5, PCL6 or Postscript (or a clone) minimised printing issues at is it possible to get a driver for any OS which supports these no matter what their age. Printers that use Host based printing are to be avoided at all costs, and are best left for the home user to waste the time and money on.

Having recently purchased an All in Printer for personal use, it is a mistake I will not making again. The driver software is bloated, too complicated, causes the printer to disappear every month requiring a complete re-install. Why can All in One Printer manufacturers provide a consistant standard interface for all printers to access Scanning and Faxing functions. How difficult would it be to install a standard web server which listens on one port for Scanning control and another for Fax control. They all have to have their "proprietary interface" which changes with every printer model, so they have to keep on developing buggy drivers. Its would be nice if European Commission investigated the printer manufacturers for collusion in failing not to come up with a open and free standard method of accessing these functions; there is no reason to have a continuously changing "proprietary standard" unless it is to exclude the competition..

'Severe' OpenSSL vuln busts public key crypto

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what you don't know......

You are sadly misinformed, I witnessed a PA-500 (Palo Alto) firewall do this in virtual wire mode. This firewall is two generations ahead of Checkpoint and probably one generation ahead of Fortinet.

It is very success at SSL decrypt and in fact can identify banking sites and not decrypt the traffic (as part of the security policy).

Google moves to extend DNS protocol

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If DNS is going to be improved include the new DNS with IPv6 roll out, fix the inherent flaws that are known about in the current implementation without complexity of DNSSEC. The proliferation of Encryption Keys needs to have an organised structure, and if 1024 bit PKI keys are compromised does this mean that 2048, 4096, 8192 bit keys are easily used to replace them.

RSA crypto defiled again, with factoring of 768-bit keys

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While studying cryptographic algorithms in the late 1990's, one of the reference book I used indicated that at that time only 4096 bit public keys were deemed secure by the miltary. At the time DES was the common commerical algorithm along with supposed improved variants (which were later shown to be less secure). It is not unreasonable to assume that 4096bit key were required because 1024bit keys were crackable by those persons using 4096bit keys. If 768bit PKI keys are broken, why are secure wireless access point using 128 bit PKI keys, though anyone sensible would only be using already encrypted traffic before it is transmitted on the wireless connection.

Ballmer waxes lyrical about Windows 7 double bubble sales

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Vista sales repeated?

http://www.channelregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/unhappy_32.pngCould it be that the Windows 7 sales have doubled since they started to offer a WinXP down grade.

Thus WinXP sales are recorded as Windows 7 sales. If Microsoft spin their sales figures anymore they could provide perpetual energy for the US?

Is the server layer just a commodity?

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Redundant Array of Cheap Servers

While the concept of a redundant array of cheap servers (RACS) might be fine for the bean counters, supporting them would be a complete nightmare. Having purchased cheap 1U servers, I found that providing you did upgrade or modify them they did actually work. However, when I needed to upgrade the Bios in one the server was left unusable; so the Bios had to be downgraded to the original and the applications moved to a new server. Replacing every server in a cluster could be expensive, unless you plan to buy new servers every three years

Autodesk goes after eBay seller - again

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Open Source alternatives?

Why pay Autodesk, have a search on SourceForge for CAD applications.

As a suggestion .... http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/

Mobile hack shows need for security upgrade

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With some friends

Searching 2TB is not that difficult, if a group of 5 people work together and split the 2TB of data between them so they each simultaneously search 400GB then this will be significantly quicker than an individual search 2TB.

If each person has two laptops then each computer is only searching 200GB at the same time, as the number of computers increase the search time is reduced making it very practical. With 64 computers each with 16GB of RAM most of the 2TB could be held in RAM making it very quick.

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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OpenOffice 3.1.1 is available for Mac OSX x86

Surely it would be advantageous to include OpenOffice on the Mac when attempting to open the latest Office 2007 files.

Quantum porn engine foiled by strawberries and muffins

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24 hours makes a difference

Yesterday, on my first attempt of using Cuil the results provided were rubbish. When the same search terms where entered this morning the results were very good. Why does 24 hours change things?

Unpatched Windows PCs own3d in less than four minutes

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Security experts advise

"Security experts advise using a NAT (network address translation router) and personal firewall before connecting systems to the net"

Given that most Network Address Translation Router include a Firewall which stops traffic originating on the internet from reaching the internal network. After recently upgraded my Router/Firewall I can also limit the outgoing protocols that can be sent onto the internet. So what benefit is obtained by having a personal firewall?

Airshow Blighty hits town - 100 years of UK powered flight

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boys and their toys

Thankfully the show does not happen every year. The locals are rewarded with traffic chaos, screaming jets, and no doubt a significant drop in air quality. Then best of all on the Open Days on Saturday and Sunday hundreds of cars attempting to get to Farnborough, clogging roads in and Aldershot, Fleet, Farnborough, M3, A327 A331. It will cheaper to get public transport given the cost of petrol and diesel given the amount of queuing you will have to do.

Multi-threaded development joins Gates as yesterday's man

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Lessons not learnt

As a young programmer an opportunity arose to work with the Transputer and Occam which was a challenging but enjoyable experience. The core difference between the Occam approach and using a language like C++ is that Occam allows each Processing Unit to operate independantly unlike C++. The best analogy that was explained to me is as follows.

"Imagine an array of interlocking gears, as one gear turns the rest move in lock step, a problem with one gear and they all stop....." this is programming in C++

"Imagine the same array of interlocking gears but with one difference, each gear can engage and disengage with respect to its neighbours.... so that parts of the array can operate at different rates..." this is programming in Occam

The economy: A big Arab did it and ran away, claims PM

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Gormless Gordon strikes again!

Gormless appears to ignore the fact that £1.14 per litre cost consists the oil price plus tax and value added tax at 17.5%.

Manufacturing Cost £ 0.35

Retailer £ 0.09

Fuel Duty £ 0.52

VAT £ 0.18

Gormless is getting £0.70 for every litre of petrol (gasoline) and he has the cheek to blame OPEC!

Shell pulls out of Thames Estuary mega-windfarm

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Hot Air

It appears that Baxi have integrated a Stirling Engine into a domestic gas boiler which allows the Gas Boiler to produce electricity; a commerical version will also


Assuming the boiler is widely installed should would have a significant impact on electricity demand with a move to macro generation.

Watchdog demands MSN Music mea culpa

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The Big Countdown has begun!

Microsoft has only upset a few people with there MSN Music server shutdown.

What about all those poor, unfortunate Windows XP users who will not be able to activate their XP install when Microsoft switches off the XP activation servers. Do not forget MS Office and its activation process. No activation, no software!

Better to switch before its too late....or provide Microsoft free access to your bank account.

Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

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freeview digital recorder

Freeview digital channels habit of starting a program for a few minutes, then giving ads for more than 5 minutes before returning to the programme is already annoying but useful. Making a cup of tea and toasting a hot cross bun is already possible. Must buy a Freeview digital recorder to filter out the adverts. Ofcom may say "yes" to more adverts but we do not have to watch them. Ads - You have been erased!

Solaris SPARC to x86 software highway opens

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Request Solaris x86 native compile

As Solaris is source code compatible, press your software companies for a Solaris x86 port. The performance increases are impressive both against Solaris SPARC and other x86/x64 operating systems (even when not running anti-virus software). The reason not to provide a port could be a third party library which is not available but that library will be portable if you press your software vendor.

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