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The Guardian ditches Phorm

Julian Maynard-Smith

Setting the record straight

Hi, Julian from Phorm here

There are a number of themes that stand out from all your posts - many of which we have addressed in various blogs and media interviews. We've put our responses to these questions on www.webwise.com:

* We hold no data: http://www.webwise.com/how-it-works/faq.html#5

* The system is legal: http://www.webwise.com/how-it-works/faq.html#6

* Web publishers benefit from the system too: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/07/phorm_interview_burgess_ertegrul - see post entitled 'Internet Publishers Benefit Too'

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal

Julian Maynard-Smith

Phorm's official response to the allegations made by FIPR

Here is Phorm's official response to the allegations made by FIPR:

We don't agree with FIPR's analysis. And its description of the Phorm system is inaccurate. Our technology complies with the Data Protection Act, RIPA and other applicable UK laws. We've sought our own legal opinions as well as consulted widely with experts such as Ernst & Young, 80/20 Strategic Thinking, the Home Office, Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). We discussed our system with the ICO prior to launching it and continue to be in dialogue with the organisation.

Phorm's CEO is hosting a live webchat on Thursday 20 March at 1.30pm (UK time): the URL is www.webwise.com/chat.

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