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iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on


This does work - you can read SMSs (for example).

On 2.0.2 with double click set to "phone favs + ipod "

Try the following :

Lock screen -> click emergency -> double click home (takes me to phone faves).

click on the > icon (to view contact details) -> scroll down to text message (choose any number) -> click on "messages" on top left.... Now all of my SMSs are visible... That is pretty bad all things considered :-(

However, I still believe the iphone is a preverbial game changer - flame ON!

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away


Exactly *how* difficult is it to load test a web site???

I run a few really noddy websites and before I try and plug 'em anywhere (and that reminds me - www.scareports.com !!) I run the simplest of load testing so I can see how much they can handle before buckling - not that fussed whether its the web server, the database, bandwidth or whatever - but just an idea on how many concurrent users the site can handle. It's really not that difficult that, if I were to have a list of 10000 people who wanted to use the site and that I know it can only cope with, say 2000 "simultanouesly", then DONT TELL EVERYBODY TO VISIT THE SITE AT THE SAME TIME.

And yes my frustration is partially because that o2 refuse to ship the phone to my office ( I'm not taking a day off just to get a phone delivered to my home) and that my order crashed half way through and now it just tells me that they wont sell it to me as I'm outside the UK, even though I'm sitting here looking at the drizzle of the square mile right now...

TSA says 'checkpoint friendly' laptop bags on the way


Blatant site pimping - but definitely on topic so please approve

I'm trying to collect a catalogue of blatant security screw ups or misconceptions. I would be most grateful to hear of your experiences whilst "negotiating" with airport security. Either email me at admin@scareports.com or drop us a note on the website (which I'm sure you can figure out what it is from the email address there).



Goggles as ... well I don't see them that often now....

Spooks want to go fishing in Oyster database


I have been joking about this for ages...

.. and only 3 weeks ago I finally ditched getting a paper season ticket for an oyster for "convenience".. How does this not surprise me ?

Anyway, didn't a group try to royally screw up those loyalty card programs by arranging meets and swapping them over every few months? Is there a chance of this happening for cash based unregistered oyster cards?? Or is this against the EULA?

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