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BOFH: Cable entanglements

Dead Vulture

Monthly updates?

I consider the shoddiness at the way BOFH has been treated to mean its demise. It was the only thing that got me through a friday afternoon...

Joker must retire, insist Heath Ledger fans

Thumb Down

Dont let sentiments blind you....

... to an average performance by Heath as the joker... I mean, ok - it was good. But the stuff of legends? Clearly not! To much hype on this just because he is dead.

To my mind, Jack Nicholson played an equally good joker in the first one..

O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand


All was ok for me...

I queued for about 30 mins in the metro centre gateshead, got my phone (was an upgrade). The guy took some details, phoned up someone to check I was eligable for upgrade (System was down : there was an ASPX error message on screen - didnt get a chance to read it..). No credit check, no hassle.

Manager was totally in control of the sitauation.... Couldnt have gone better.

Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing


Anyone for popcorn?

imdb "Pure genius".

MS UK kills mystery 'Live to Code' site


How to Round robin an IP address

Use MS Load Balancer and assign same IP to several boxes...

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

Paris Hilton


Is that the Sun and Cantons in Soho??

Predator kill-machine pilots suffering 'chronic burnout'


Rubbish set up

No wonder, look how badly positioned that joy stick is... its a health and saftey nightmare!

I've been looking at pics on other website, and they sit miles away from their monitors etc. Must be really annoying and draining trying to work in that environment.

They should get some gamers like me to help set up their desks properly... 4x22" LCD monitors, Espresso machine etc

US Army funds $10m bat-droid


Bat army

Further clarfication that the US army is indeed a force of evil...

I can hardly see the army of light arming themeselves with autonomous winged terror bats.. can you?

Maybe the new leader of the free world is going to be Venger from Dungeons and Dragons!!

I hope version 2 of the project will be for "Winged Monkeys"

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