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HTC Android handsets spew private data to ANY app

Phil Wray


and for the lazy


dailing *#*#482564#*#* get you the menu

Segway death blamed on good manners

Phil Wray
Paris Hilton


someone from the same village as me on el reg?

I'm almost famous by proxy

Google to be bookseller by summer

Phil Wray

Making money

they will of course be putting ads into the books

Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

Phil Wray

re: Not another "Killer"

Yes but microsofts track record with mp3 player isn't exactly great, lets see we have the zune, and oh yes the zune.

Where as Nokia make phones its what they do, and they have quite alot of experiance in doing it.

Argubly some of the latter Nseries phones(n95/n96, n82) are better products than the jesus phone as it stands now

Google Sky brings the heavens to a browser near you

Phil Wray

re: space battle

after zooming in too the green beam i expected to see a star destroyer, but them pesky imperial scum must have developed clocking technology.

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