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Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything


pro- and anti-apple (boys, attitudes, etc.)

first of all I would have a question, if somebody could take a second I would be grateful :

is true that to access one's ipod one needs a special (windoze only?) application ? that is the gadget can't be used as a regular USB media device ? does the proprietary shrewdness go as far as having special connectors which require a bunch of (expensive) adaptors ?

myself I have an mp3/divx4 20GB HD Archos player (which doubles as half-decent videocam and USB device, of course) and the reason I'm asking is that I have a friend who asked me how to do that with his iPod ? (less the video recording part of course, just the USB mp3 player bit);

otherwise it's all very strange for me, what would anybody "get personal" when talking about an inanimate piece of electronics ? or is it that both pro- and anti- people talk threough reference by something else ? like proprietary vs. open systems, control over our day-to-day technological lives or lack thereof... ?

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