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Microsoft's anti-Android Twitter campaign draws ire, irony

Colin G

My Dodgy Android App experience

I have to admit, I have encountered a dodgy Android app.

I installed the official Microsoft Hotmail Android app earlier in the year, and it worked fine for a while. Suddenly one weekend, it developed a fault and slurped my entire data quota (500Mb) in under 2 days. It was actually using over 300Mb a day in data until I identified the culprit and uninstalled it.


Foreign losses jack UK plastic fraud up to £535.2m

Colin G

When buying on-line, use a webcard

One precaution that can be taken when buying on-line is the use of Cahoot's webcard. This generates a one-time credit card number with a low limit. If someone does get access to the number after you have used it, it will not be valid.

Before you ask, I am not a Cahoot employee - I have just been using the Webcard to protect my transactions for several years.



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